CMM Upgrades

Keep your CMM running at optimal efficiency

CMM’s are a mainstay within inspection departments globally, some forty years after they were introduced to the market. One of the main reasons for this is that they still offer the appealing balance of being cost-effective, fast and accurate when it comes to measuring precision components.

One of the great things about CMM’s is that the physical bridge, if well looked after, should stand the test of time. They also aren’t the part of the system where the major technical advancements have taken place, the technology associated with them has. Generally speaking, obsolescence is the major factor in making a CMM redundant.

Controllers, software and probing have all made massive step changes over the last few years. By upgrading these areas, Status can bring most CMM’s inline with the latest current showroom offerings for a fraction of the price of replacing the bridge and granite.

The above two machines were built by the same factory, but 30 years apart. Although, the workings, physical shape and function remain almost unchanged in that time.

Our technical specialists can upgrade your CMM machine, regardless of whether you bought it from us or elsewhere, to keep your CMM running at peak efficiency for you and your business.

We’re able to upgrade almost any type of CMM, including: 

  • Mitutoyo 
  • LK 
  • Nikon
  • Brown & Sharpe 
  • DEA 
  • Zeiss
  • Johansson
  • Eley
  • Wenzel
  • Poli 
  • QCT

Before upgrading your CMM, decide on what benefits you wish to achieve, whether that’s improved throughput, greater accuracy, enhanced reliability, improved software, greater access to trained operators, or simply to overcome an electronic obsolescence issue.  From there, we can advise on the upgrades that need to be made to achieve it.

If you’re unsure what benefits are available, then Status offers a full CMM audit, with no obligation or cost to you. So there has never been a better time to find out what else you could be achieving with your current CMM.  

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Why should you upgrade your CMM machine? 

Improved Throughput

Increased throughput - Status Metrology CMM Upgrades

PC-DMIS 2019 R1 launched a new feature called Optimiser. This is a great tool for enhancing your programs. It works by automatically finding the fastest path to undertake whatever measurements you’ve defined. Shaving off inefficient moves and travel to give you the fastest probe pathway available. Status’ own correlation studies have seen cycle times improve from anywhere between 10% and 50% depending on the complexity and type of program. 

Greater Accuracy

Greater Accuracy - Status Metrology CMM Upgrades

When upgrading your CMM you have the option to improve the accuracy it delivers. We’re seeing more customers opting to add Renishaw SP25 modules and tips for tactical scanning, improved speed, higher data capture and greater repeatability. Others have completely overhauled the entire probing setup, with a Leitz ultra high accuracy probehead configuration.

Renishaw SP25

Leitz Probe Head

Enhanced Reliability

Customers often approach Status because their service and maintenance costs are spiralling out of control. Independents without an OEM backing often struggle with supplying parts, skill set and lack the ability to offer more involved solutions. Therefore, they’re limited to offering short term, sticking plaster type fixes. On older CMM’s where spare parts are readily available, upgrading a controller or installing a new PC Workstation can instantly transform the performance of a CMM from a reliability and functionality standpoint. 

Improved Software

Improved Software - PC-DMIS Hexagon

There is no escaping that PC-DMIS is the global market leader when it comes to CMM inspection software. With the support of our partner, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we’ve trained hundreds of operators from beginners to more advanced. The feedback we’ve received during that time is that PC-DMIS is easy to use, entirely capable, offers advanced functionality, is robust and pleasurable to work with. 

Still not sure on the benefits of PC-DMIS? Arrange your free, no obligation demonstration to find out how it compares with your current inspection software package. 

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Greater Access to Trained Operators

We’re often told, when we meet new customers, that finding trained operators for certain CMM inspection software packages seems to be an impossible task. It tends to result in costly additional training courses having to be purchased. Add this to say a 10-15% of salary recruitment fee and you’ve effectively covered the cost of switching your CMM over to PC-DMIS. 

With PC-DMIS being the market leader, a quick search of the online jobs sites illustrates that demand is higher, but so is the trained candidate pool available. If you’re working with the global leader, you should find recruiting trained operators much more accessible.

Multi-Sensor Technology

Customer’s demands are ever changing, as is the technology available. We don’t have a ‘crystal ball’ available at Status but it is clear to see that laser scanners are getting better and more affordable with every new release. It’s therefore fair to assume that this trend isn’t going to change any time soon.

We’re already seeing certain OEMs stipulating what type of measurement system they require using to win their contract. In this day and age, do not upgrade your CMM if the provider cannot guarantee access to the full range of sensor technology. Our Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, RC Line Controllers offer access to a complete suite:

  • Tactile Touch Probe
  • Tactile Touch Probe Scanning
  • Camera Systems
  • Laser Scanners
  • Surface Roughness Probing

Tactile Touch Probing

Scanning Tactile Touch Probing

Camera Systems

Backwards Compatibility 

While we can provide compelling, financially beneficial reasons to introduce PC-DMIS to your inspection department, one of the biggest objections we find is losing existing programs that PC-DMIS cannot run. That’s why we offer a universal interface which allows you to maintain access to your existing back catalogue of programs created in:

  • Calypso 
  • PowerInspect 
  • TouchDMIS 
  • Verisurf 
  • Polyworks 
  • Siemens NX 
  • Modus 
  • Camio 
  • VirtualDMIS 
  • OpenDMIS 

Electronic Obsolescence Issue

Controllers and PC Workstations unfortunately have a shorter life span than the CMM itself. Commonly with PCs, operating systems update and machines seem to slow down over time. A PC that crashes when handling larger data files can easily be upgraded to a faster more powerful unit for a relatively small investment.

RC Controllers - Status Metrology

The same can be said for CMM Controllers – even in 2020 we come across the occasional customer who is still trying to keep elderly, mid-nineties controllers wheezing along. We understand that this can be for any number of reasons. If your controller is obsolete and you’re only being offered second hand parts by your CMM service provider, then now is the perfect time to reappraise the situation and enjoy the benefits a new Controller provides.

Reconnecting with the latest Technology

You wouldn’t sit down and work in front of a twenty to thirty year old Commodore Amiga 500 (Google it, if you’re under 35 years old) instead of a modern PC. Yet for some reason CMM’s are often left unchecked for many years, which results in a business running outdated technology.

Is your CMM outdated or under-performing? Would you like to increase your measurement productivity and capacity? Take advantage of our free, no obligation CMM audit to discover the flaws in your current setup and how we can help you unleash its true potential.

Pay Monthly 

Commonly within the industry, machines and tooling that are deemed as contributing to overall production are understandably priorities when it comes to purchasing. Although quality should be the number one topic on your agenda when speaking with customers, quality inspection equipment is often a struggle to raise capital for. 

With the high market competition, quality has become the market differentiator for almost all products and services. Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet customers’ expectations. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimises waste and operates at the highest levels of productivity.

Rather than requesting a bulk of capital investment, CMM upgrades and retrofits can now be funded like any capital purchase and paid for on a monthly basis. Asking for several thousand pounds is a much taller order for most, than requesting a few hundred pounds per month to be set aside for a metrology allowance. 

Want to find out what you could achieve with your monthly metrology budget?

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Time to take a closer look?

Here at Status, we have over 25 years experience in CMM upgrades and retrofits. We will continue to support your equipment once an upgrade is in effect – a task that is made much easier with such reliable and robust hardware available nowadays.

Want to book in for a CMM upgrade with Status? Our customer support team are here to guide you through the process should you have any queries. 

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