CMM Upgrades

CMM Upgrades

Timely CMM upgrades are necessary for keeping your equipment up to date and maintaining high-quality operations. Whether you purchased a new or used CMM from Status or any other company, our tech specialists are ready to do a full upgrade to keep your CMM running at peak efficiency.

What types of CMMs can be upgraded?

We can upgrade almost any type of CMM:

  • Mitutoyo LK Ferranti
  • Brown & Sharpe DEA Zeiss
  • Steifelmayer IMS ITP
  • Johansson Eley Wenzel
  • Poli QCT

Why Upgrade?

CMMs are powerful machines that are designed to last for decades. That’s what makes CMMs some of the highest-quality used equipment on the market. However, as technology advances, the older Coordinate Measuring Machines will need an upgrade. Failing to upgrade your equipment on time can lead to manufacturing delays, inspection bottlenecks and profit loss. Old controllers and outdated software are two major problems that need to be dealt with in a timely manner.

At Status, we offer fast and thorough CMM upgrades without infringing on your manufacturing process. An upgrade can expand your capacity, reduce your maintenance requirements and avoid the need to invest in additional metrology equipment – at a fraction of the price of a new or used CMM.

How Do CMM Upgrades Work?

  • In order to make a proper and timely upgrade, our tech specialists need to survey your equipment.
  • Based on the survey results, our expert will make an estimate of what needs to be done and provide a list of hardware, software, probing and other required services you may need to meet your business goals.
  • Once you approve the list, we schedule an upgrade in order not to interfere with your company’s operation.
  • The upgrade is performed by experienced Status technicians.
  • After the upgrade is complete, we offer system calibrations to suit your particular needs.
  • We continue offering you support after the upgrade in order to keep your CMM functioning properly for years to come.

System Upgrades

System upgrades can add value to existing measuring machines by increasing throughput, improving accuracy and repeatability, and providing the foundation for more varied measurement and inspection applications. An upgrade can consist of an advanced software program, a faster controller, and/or a new probe. Manual CMMs can be upgraded to direct computer control (DCC/CNC) and scanning capability can be added.

Utilising available equipment has always been the first choice in plant management, and inspection equipment is no different.

Retrofit hardware and software in the forms of new control, application software and new Probing/Sensor equipment installed on existing equipment is a very effective and economical method of gaining to days required inspection performance for CMM in the areas of accuracy, application, and cycle time.

With over 25 years experience in upgrades and retrofits Status will continue to support equipment once the upgrade is in effect, a task made easier with such reliable and robust control hardware.