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CMMs are widely considered to be one of the fastest and most accurate ways to complete precise and complex measurements within today’s fast-moving engineering and manufacturing environments. 

Although CMM measurement is no longer a new concept with many machines out there having already delivered years and in some cases, decades of great service, the world of CMMs has moved on. 

If you’re concerned that your older CMM is no longer delivering as it should, or you feel that it is holding your inspection department back, give it a new lease of life with a CMM retrofit. Maybe that’s not even the case and you’re satisfied with your machine’s performance. All too often we hear “Our CMM works fine, and it keeps us going. Why should we get a retrofit?”

While it’s true that CMM machines are built to last, with solid granite bed and steel frames, continuous advancements in CMM software and electronics means that critical components have a shorter lifespan.

The major technological advancements of recent years have all come via the probing, controllers and software attached to the bridge. A typical CMM is highly unlikely to physically wear out before it becomes obsolete. 

Manufacturing productivity demands a more proactive philosophy than “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” (which risks becoming “wait until it’s broke to fix it!”). Ask yourself this, “how production critical is this machine?” and “how much does downtime cost me when and if issues arise?” If the answers are “business critical” and “more than I’m comfortable with” then it’s definitely worth considering a retrofit.

Which is where Status can help you – by bringing your CMM in line with some of the latest showroom offerings, without the upheaval and major re-investment of replacing equipment.

The above two machines were built by the same factory, but 30 years apart. Although, the workings, physical shape and function remain almost unchanged in that time.

As Hexagon UK’s exclusive and only official service partner, Status Metrology has access to their entire suite of the latest tools and products. This means when you select Status for your retrofit you’ll receive the following:

The RC Line Controller Range

RC Controllers - Status Metrology

Hexagon’s RC Line of Controllers are truly at the cutting edge, being robust, reliable and fully future-proofed. RC241, RC1 and RC4K act as a direct replacement for legacy controllers on both Hexagon and non-Hexagon CMMs. They are specially designed to work with all makes and models of CMMs and focus on high level processing power that is vital in keeping up with today’s rapid inspection demands.

Furthermore, retrofitting with the RC Line can also increase measurement and application flexibility. The line’s compatibility with all Hexagon sensors and tool changers means the CMM can be transformed into a multisensor machine capable of a range of contact and optical measurement.

The world of sensors is fast moving with new advancements coming to market all the time. These controllers can not only handle big data fast, but can process the full suite of probes and sensors:

Tactile Touch Probing

Scanning Tactile Touch Probing

Camera Systems

Laser Scanning Systems

Surface Roughness Probing

The RC241 is designed to accommodate smaller format CMM’s whereas the bigger RC1 is designed for larger format CMM’s and comes with a 48 volt option for the more powerful CMM’s out there. 

Utilising an RC Line Controller with the option to select whichever probing or sensor best suits your requirements, gives you a winning combination.

PC-DMIS Inspection Software

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence produces PC-DMIS, the market-leading CMM application. PC-DMIS outperforms all major competitors in terms of flexibility, advanced features, and even price – which is why we’ve made it our standard choice for all software retrofits. All of our new retrofits come with the latest version of PC-DMIS as standard, which includes the game-changing path optimiser!

If you’re not currently a PC-DMIS user, the upheaval of re-writing your back catalogue of parts programs can often be too much to bear, thus resulting in the continued service of substandard measuring solutions. Which can prevent your inspection department from accessing the latest technology.

At Status we utilise a unique interface that allows the RC Line Controller to operate PC-DMIS and a full range of other software packages such as CAMIO and M-COSMOS. That way you gradually migrate your existing part programs over to PC-DMIS whilst still being able to use your old files.

What Are The Other Benefits to Retrofitting?

Retrofitting - Status Metrology

There are many reasons why you may choose to retrofit your old CMM equipment, for example, wear and tear, loss of accuracy, or high maintenance costs. 

In most cases, retrofits are performed on machines in the final third of their working lifecycle, but some businesses choose to retrofit their machine early on in its life to keep up-to-date with inspection requirements or new software releases. 

There are so many reasons as to why you may benefit from retrofitting your CMM machine, here’s just a few of them: 

  • Lower running costs and maintenance requirements
  • Increase inspection capacity
  • Increase reliability by restoring accuracy
  • Extend a machines working life
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Repair broken components
  • Provide a stop-gap solution until you can invest in additional equipment 
  • Take advantage of the world’s leading CMM software – PC-DMIS
  • Reduce staff and training requirements/costs
  • Take on more varied measurements
  • Increase automation options
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Comply with new industry standards or legislation

Retrofitting will transform and future-proof a little used, reliable, or obsolete machine into a dependable, fully operable, easy-to-use asset for your business.

Time to Take a Closer Look?

Do you want to unlock the hidden potential of your CMM machine? We guarantee fast delivery times on all retrofits and upgrades. 

Choosing to retrofit your machine with Status could not be simpler. Our customer support team is here should you have any queries. You can call us on 0115 939 2228, send an email to or fill out our online enquiry form here.

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