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Quality Policy


It is the policy of Status Metrology Solutions that all aspects of implementing its calibration/dimensional testing work and occupational health and safety requirements will conform to the quality system described in this quality manual and comply with all the UKAS accreditation requirements for this calibration laboratory.

The scope of the management system is to provide its clients with a calibration & testing service complying with BS EN ISO/IEC17025: 2005, BS EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10360-2: 2001, ISO10360-2:2009, ISO 10360-5: 2010, ISO 14253-1: 2013, ISO 10012-1, BS 8888: 2008 and the commitment to comply with the legal requirements that relate to BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. It is the responsibility of all staff to familiarise themselves with the content of this Quality Manual and to comply at all times with the policies and procedures laid down within the QM and associated documents.

It is the policy of the company to maintain an up-to-date register of all sites on which calibration is performed. This register is located within the permanent base of Status Metrology.

The Company includes a separate Technical, Applications and Quality Manager. The Technical Manager is responsible for the technical operation of all site activities; the Applications Manager is responsible for in-house dimensional testing activities both ensuring that all the UKAS requirements are achieved. The Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that all the UKAS requirements are met on a day-to-day basis. He is responsible for the control of quality and ensuring that the Quality System described in this Quality Manual is being followed by all staff. He advises on and monitors all aspects of quality in the Laboratory.

In operations and activities staff shall at all times adhere to the Status Metrology policy on health & safety and when on site additionally to any customers requirements. It is the objective of the quality system to constantly provide a service that meets customer and regulatory requirements. It aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system and includes processes for continual improvement. Reference to the exclusions of the ISO 17025 and 9001:2008 quality system requirements are stated on Page 1 item 1.3 of the Quality Manual.

These statements are made on the authority of A Tillett.

– A Tillett Sales and Marketing Director