Renishaw Head Refurbishment and Probe Loans

Prompt and effective repair

We provide a prompt and effective repair service for your Renishaw systems. After-sales services are designed to keep your manufacturing processes running and to ensure that the lifetime costs of selecting Renishaw products are cost-effective.

We have a range of service terms and pricing available on request.

  • Repairs and Upgrades for kinematic touch probes.
  • Repairs for electronic precision and analogue scanning probes.
  • Repairs and Upgrades for manual and motorised probes heads and controllers.
  • Repairs and probes and stylus module changing, interfaces, power supplies and extension bars.
  • Calibration of CMM datum reference spheres.

Service Options:

  • Advance RBE (Repair By Exchange) Option
  • Our premium service – we ship a replacement product on the day you call and before 3.00pm.
  • Advance RBE (repair by exchange) is designed to minimise downtime caused by in-service failures. Just call us, tell us the serial number of your Renishaw system, and we’ll send you a replacement within a day.

Post-inspection RBE

A quick response service that provides you with a factory-standard replacement. Send us your faulty system and we’ll inspect it, diagnose any faults and provide you with a replacement unit, rebuilt to the same standards as a new product.


Skilled technicians test your Renishaw system and repair any faults found.