Turnkey Retrofitting from Status

Turnkey Retrofitting from Status

We offer a turnkey retrofitting solution that includes the latest CMM software, five axis controllers, a wide range of probe sensors and full training. Every retrofit is bespoke to you and the goals of your business and is supported by our ISO 9001 accredited quality systems.

Although it is a costly option, some businesses choose to retrofit a wide spectrum of components all in one sitting – but this isn’t always the best way to go about things. Most businesses approach retrofitting as part of a goal-based improvement plan that may also include investing in new kit. When customers need advice, we tend to start with your end goal and work back from there, recommending the most appropriate way forward that meets all of your requirements in an affordable way.

Here’s an approximate guide of when you may want to consider replacing certain components: 

Metrology Software: Annually
Computer: Replace every 2-3 years
CMM 3-Axis Electronic Controllers: Replace every 8-10 years
Hardware, base and mechanical structure: Replace if required after 20 years 

What is Included? 

We offer a flexible retrofitting service with different levels available depending on your machine type and business requirements. Retrofits can include some or all of the below: 

  • New PC and PC peripherals
  • Metrology software such as PC-DMIS – new and updated versions of software can be installed
  • CMM rewiring
  • CNC control system upgrades, incorporating the latest technology
  • New Scales and Reader Heads
  • New Probe Heads and Sensors

Motors, drives and measuring scales are generally left untouched if they are in good working order, as they work well with new components in most cases. This being said, we do sometimes recommend replacing these parts to work better with new systems.