Latest Generation Components

Latest Generation Components

Using the latest generation of CMM products, we can boost the productivity of your machine by installing some of the following enhancements: 


Most of the latest controllers are specifically designed with retrofitting in mind, however, our own line of controllers are designed to upgrade the capacity of an older CMM to modern-day standards. This will save you a significant amount of money when comparing the cost to the price of a new machine. Our RC1, B5 and DC family controllers are compatible with a wide range of machines and can be retrofitted to almost any brand of CMM. 

Probe Sensor Changers

Massively increase your measurement capabilities by upgrading your CMM’s touch trigger probing with an automatic probe sensor. 

Automatic Positioning Probe Heads

Increase the flexibility of your machine by retrofitting a new automatic positioning probe head. These come in a range of increment options and can be configured at 2.5° angles, 5.0° angles or 7.5° angles.

High Accuracy Scanning Probe Sensor

You can increase the accuracy of most CMM models by installing the latest tactile probes. Options include scanning sensors, tactile probing, and continuous contact scanning. 

Non-Contact Camera Probe Sensor

One of the most exciting innovations that has transformed CMM technology is the non-contact sensor, which has only come about over the past decade. You can bring this advanced capability to older machines through retrofitting. Upgrade to a non-contact camera sensor to allow fast optical measurement for a wide range of large-scale components.

Non-Contact Laser Scanning Sensor

Benefits of laser scanning sensors include, but are not limited to: 

  • Rapid point cloud capture
  • Inspection to CAD (perfect for thin-walled and sheet metal parts)
  • Free-form surface inspection
  • Reverse engineering

PC-DMIS Metrology Software

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence produces PC-DMIS, the market-leading CMM application. PC-DMIS outperforms all major competitors in terms of flexibility, advanced features, and even price – which is why we’ve made it our standard choice for all software retrofits. All of our new retrofits come with the latest version of PC-DMIS as standard that include the game-changing path optimiser!

Available in three different versions, you can choose which best suits your working style. Options include: 

PC-DMIS Pro: A powerful metrology package with a full suite of measurement, analytics and reporting functionality. This package does not depend on CAD capabilities.

PC-DMIS CAD: The first CMM platform to fully integrate CAD modelling into the inspection process. Through its Direct CAD Interface (DCI) it can directly interface with CAD systems. 

PC-DMIS CAD++: Supports the most advanced non-contact probes, laser scanners and optical devices for precision results on the most complex of measures.  An enhanced version of PC-DMIS CAD.