CMM Programming

Contract Programming

Our highly skilled staff provides Contract Services to get you through peak demand periods without the need for additional staff and equipment. Contract programming allows you to keep your CMMs on-line inspecting parts while new part programs are being developed off-site. Contract programming and inspection is an integral part of the extended service we offer. Our professional Applications Engineering staff offers the highest level of skills for CMM and experience that no competitor can match.

Part programs can be efficiently created on-site at your facility or in-house at in our Measurement Laboratories.

We can provide measurement application consultation from probing techniques through to modular fixturing as well as turnkey solutions to achieve best metrology practices in your part programs.

Whether you have a CAD capability for measurement or otherwise we can provide Offline part programming capability utilising your CAD model or engineering drawing.

The benefits of Offline programming are the CMM program can be created ahead of the component being created therefore saving time when the component is ready for inspection.

Turnkey Packages

We offer the full package.

The turnkey packages include:

  • Metrology consultancy at the early stages of development
  • Construction of Programs
  • The supply of Fixturing
  • Installation of programs
  • Full Training
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) 
  • Full phone call/onsite support if needed