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NPL Metrology Training – Dimensional

NPL Metrology Training – Dimensional

The objective is to understand the principles of measurement which can lead to better decisions on measurement needs, reduce the need for expensive technical support and reduce operational mistakes. A better understanding of measurement will reduce the risks and costs to your business.

NPL training is an accredited framework that provides consistent, credible measurement qualifications applicable across industries and skills.

The framework offers practical, UKAS accredited application based training courses supported by seminars and workshops designed to improve skills and competences in measurement and related technical areas.

NPL set the standard for metrology in the UK. It is an institute driven by service and it impacts on the way we live and work.

Your business will benefit by training key personnel in the skills required for modern manufacturing. View the prospectus in PDF format and request course with the inquiry form.

  • Course Level 1: Measurement User ~ uses measurement knowledge and expertise
  • Course Level 2: Measurement Applier ~ applies measurement knowledge and expertise
  • Course Level 3: Measurement Developer ~ develops & extends measurement knowledge and expertise
  • Course Level 4: Measurement Definer ~ defines new & leading edge application of measurement knowledge