Self-Centering Inside Measuring Pistols 844 A

For rapid measurements.


For measuring:

  • Through holes
  • Blind holes
  • Centering shoulders

Product feature

  • Threaded connection for changing the measuring head
  • Self-centering measuring head consists of 3 laterally positioned anvils, each are offset at intervals of 120°
  • Anvils from 12 mm are carbide tipped
  • From 12 mm the anvils can be used to measure the bottom of a bore
  • From 40 mm all measuring heads are made from aluminium to reduce weight
Products Measuring range Measuring range Error limit Notes error limit Order no.
mm mm/inch  µm
844 A 100-125 4-4.9″ 5 Over the length of the anvils indicator is not taken into consideration 4487614