Mobile Roughness Measuring Instruments PS 10 SET

Intuitive and simple to use.


  • Simple and intuitive to use: As easy to use as a smart phone
  • Large, illuminated 4.3″ TFT touch display
  • Create complete PDF measuring records directly in the measuring instrument
  • Customer-specific comments can be entered directly into the MarSurf PS 10 for the PDF measuring record
  • Data backup as TXT, X3P, CSV or PDF file • Instrument flexibility: Removable drive unit
  • 31 surface parameters offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument

Package contents:

  • Drive unit (detachable)
  • 1 standard probe conforming to standards
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, charger / 3 adapters, USB cable
  • Roughness standard integrated into housing (detachable), including Mahr calibration certificate
  • Probe protection, carry case with shoulder strap
  • Extension cable for drive unit
  • Operating instructions
Product PS 10
Measuring range µm 350
Parameters Ra, Rq, Rz (Ry (JIS) equivalent to Rz), Rz (JIS), Rmax, Rp, RpA (ASME), Rpm (ASME), Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rt, RPc, Rmr (tp (JIS, ASME) equivalent to Rmr), RSm, RSk, S, CR, CF, CL, R, Ar, Rx
Stylus tip µm 2
Calibration function Dynamic; Ra, Rz, Rsm
Memory min. 3900 profiles, min. 500,000 results, min. 1500 PDF measuring records, expandable to 32 GB with microSD card (320x memory capacity)
Data interface USB, MarConnect (RS232), microSD slot for SD / SDHC cards up to 32 GB
Battery Lithium-ion battery, 3.7 V, nominal capacity 11.6 Wh, min. 1200 measurements
Measuring principle Stylus method
Probe Inductive skidded probe
Measuring force N 0.75 mN
Order no. 6910230