Inductive Digital Comparators 2000

Remotely operated via the interface.


Functions: ON/OFF, RESET (Set the digital and analog display to zero), -0- (Set analog display to zero), PRESET (enter any numerical values), Mm/inch switchable, Reversal of counting direction, RANGE (Switch the measuring range and resolution), ABS (reference to electrical zero point).

  • Linearized inductive absolute measuring system
  • Power supply via either the integrated rechargeable batteries (40 hrs.) or via the mains power adapter
  • Rate measuring values are actualized 20 values/second
  • High contrast LCD with 6.5 mm high digits. Analog display has a 4 mm long pointer for better visual perception, ideal when checking concentricity and flatness as well as search for the reversal point when measuring bores
  • Operating and display unit (bezel) can be rotated 280°
  • Operating temperature 5-40°C
Measuring range switchable Resolution and readings Display range of analog display Span of error Meas.force Order no. Order no.
mm/inch mm/inch mm/inch G µm N 230V 115V
1.8/0.07″ 0.001/0.00005″ +- 0.030 (0.0015″) 0.6 0.7 – 0.9 4346000 4346900
1.8/0.07″ 0.0005/0.00002″ +- 0.015 (0.0006″) 0.6
0.8/0.031″ 0.0002/0.00001″ +- 0.006 (0.0003″) 0.3