C 1700 PC. Gauging Computer

Interactive, Touch-Capable Software.


  • Interactive, touch-capable Software
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Userfriendly setup of measuring tasks
  • Simple operation via predefined formulas for most common features
  • Management of measuring tasks
  • Assignment of pictures or drawings per measuring task
  • Static and dynamic measurements
  • Live-indication of measuring values and features
  • Digital and Analog displays for simultaneous indication of up to 128 features
  • Connection of Mahr instruments with Integrated-Wireless
  • Data export in MS-Excel or in qs-Stat-format (dfq, dfx or dfd-format)


Comfortable measuring computer with an smart and universell applicable software for complex measuring tasks in the production area.

Order no. 5312801
Product type C 1700 PC
Display Vertical bar graph, Horizontal bar graph, Analog display or round scale, Digital display Any combination of display types can be chosen for each feature
Range of digital display mm ± 1000
Range of analog display µm ± 10000, ± 5000, ± 2000, ± 1000, ± 500, ± 200, ± 100, ± 50, ± 20, ± 10
Resolution µm 0,01
Feature types Length, Angle, dimensionless
Dynamic functions MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN, MAX+MIN