Hexagon’s SMA Webinar Series

Hexagon’s SMA Webinar Series

The Hexagon SMA Webinar Series is hosted each year and the Status team always attends the sessions which are usually excellent and extremely informative. They are designed for CMM programmers predominantly, sharing updates, tips and tricks to maximise the potential and benefits of PC-DMIS, SA, Q-DAS, Tubeshaper, SFx and Inspire.

Upcoming Webinars

PC-DMIS Enhancements 2020 R2
16th April, 10.30AM

The SMA sessions will kick off with a webinar focussed on enhancements made to PC-DMIS in the 2020 R2 release. This will be hosted by David Carter and he’ll delve into the new capabilities introduced in this release, including the integration with Hexagon’s new HxGN SFx | Asset Management solution and new Geometric Tolerance Command that complies with the latest AMSE and ISO standards.

Register for free: https://go.hexagonmi.com/l/49752/2021-03-26/l4bfpb

PC-DMIS Enhancements 2021.1
30th April, 10.30AM

For businesses that have the very latest version of PC-DMIS or are considering it, this webinar is a MUST! It will be hosted by Dean Richardson and will focus on the very latest software features and improvements – such as the new Summary Mode, Inspect Barcode + GD&T Capture from a file. Find out more about the latest version of PC-DMIS here.

Register for free: https://go.hexagonmi.com/l/49752/2021-03-26/l4bh26

SFx Asset Management
14th May, 10.30AM

Hosted by, Mehdi El M’Hatet, this webinar will demonstrate how HxGN SFx | Asset Management delivers a simple, accurate way to monitor and analyse how key assets are performing through a centralised, user-friendly dashboard, whether assets are on a single site or in multiple factories around the world. Integration with HxGN SFx Asset Management software was first added in PC-DMIS release 2020 R2 and in the latest release, programmers have the capability to access the information from any mobile device thanks to the new SFx mobile app.

Register for free: https://go.hexagonmi.com/l/49752/2021-03-26/l4bh2g

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