CMM Verification

CMM Verification

The manufacturing industry today is extremely competitive and your customers demand quality. Fortunately, quality is something that can be controlled with CMM inspection and measurement. However, it’s important to regularly keep on top of your CMM equipment with maintenance, calibration and also verification to ensure it’s performing optimally and delivering quality, consistently.

What is CMM Verification?

CMM verification or certification is the process of confirming whether a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) performs within its stated specifications. Getting your CMM verified indicates the probability that the measurement error is smaller than the specified maximum permissible error. The specified MPE is something that can be defined by your inspection department as the largest error you’re prepared to accept during production.

It’s difficult not to confuse CMM verification with calibration particularly when so many service providers in the industry use the terms interchangeably. Take a closer look at the specific differences between the two here

Standards Used

The ISO 10360 series of standards detail the acceptance, reverification tests and interim checks required to determine whether the CMM performs to the manufacturer‘s stated maximum permissible error of length measurement. The first draft of ISO 10360 was published back in 1994 by the International Standards Organisation (a global collaboration between 165 testing bodies). ISO 10360, is still to this day the de facto CMM performance test used throughout the industry although there are still some CMM manufacturers who use outdated standards.

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CMM Reverification

If you’re looking to buy a CMM then it’s important to check the results from the CMM verification and performance tests. However, if you already have a CMM or multiple CMM’s in your inspection department then CMM reverification tests should be considered. Reverification tests are carried out by a service provider periodically to certify that your CMM equipment still performs to your requirements and the use of the machine. With reverification, you’ll set the error of indication used in the test based on your machine’s condition, accuracy required, operating conditions, specific requirements and use.

It’s important to note that the effect of tests during a CMM verification do not guarantee the traceability of measurement for all measurement tasks performed, although these tests are the closest approximation to traceability available.

Why Status for CMM Verification or Reverification?

Your customers demand quality, so do you and so do we. Delivering a quality service comes as standard at Status. We continually invest in our employees and equipment and we’re fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025:2017, ISO10360/2 for CMM calibration and Part Measurement.

Our CMM verification experts undergo extensive training and we’re able to verify:

  • Manual CMMs
  • Portable Arm CMMs
  • Automatic controlled Bridge, Gantry & Horizontal Side Arm CMMs

If you’re looking for a full-service metrology partner that is as serious about quality as you are and consistently exceeds expectations then it’s time to take a closer look at Status. We deliver complete metrology solutions that save time, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Speak to one of our experts on 0115 939 2228, complete the form provided or email to discuss your CMM verification requirements.

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