Car Manufacturer

Car Manufacturer
Completed: December 2017
Solution: High Accuracy Retrofit
Value: £50k each

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How…

Status was recommended directly by our official partner, Hexagon MI to this global leading manufacturer of cars, vans and trucks. Tasked with delivering a retrofit solution for two machines at their facility in the North West of England.

The Co-ordinated Measuring Machines are ultra high accuracy but the OEM was no longer willing to support them. The only available option at that point, was to replace with new. This would have involved a huge investment and created wide spread disruption. Only to deliver a solution that was very much in line with what they had previously.

Part of what makes Status unique is our OEM backing whilst remaining entirely independent. This enables us to fully evaluate the various routes within the marketplace before making any customer recommendations. This approach proved itself outright, securing the business ahead of a global aftermarket CMM provider. Status secured the contract with our enhanced proposal, previous experience, project management skills and big value offering.

The project’s completion consisted of Hexagon’s ultra high accuracy probe head, Hexagon Jog Box and Hexagon RC1 controller with enhanced firmware. To meet the client’s IT requirements, Status switched to a ‘Siemens Industrial’ PC Workstation installed with Hexagon’s market leading software, PC-DMIS Cad++. We then project manged the process to deliver on time, as requested and on budget.

It’s impossible be exactly sure how much the Status Retrofits saved our client but we’d envisage it to be upwards of £200,000 per CMM. The client manufactures complex components that demands a incredibility precise dimensional inspection. Where the production process is more akin to that of an Aerospace environment than an Automotive one. Through partnering with Status our client has secured excellent value for money, gained additional capabilities, future proofed their CMM’s, and gained certainty through an ongoing service and maintenance contract.

OEM CMM providers are measured on their ability to sell new machines. At Status we measure our ability to meet our customers requirements. We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all.