Aerospace First Tier Supplier

Aerospace First Tier Supplier

Aircraft components demand the highest standards by their very nature. PC-DMIS is independently numerically tested and checked through the PTB in Germany. Take a closer look at this case study which is just one example of the extensive lengths that our products are put through to help you ensure that by selecting Status, quality always comes as standard.

The solution:

The intrinsic value of CMM’s is no longer found within the bridge and granite bed but the technology and sensors that power it. With PC-DMIS being so prevalent within Aerospace Manufacturing but the budgets not being quite there to invest in a new CMM. Status as the only other UK distributor of PC-DMIS was the obvious choice.

Status supplied a fully refurbished LK G90C CMM benefitting from a 3 metre bed. The CMM came equipped with a brand new Hexagon RC1 controller and Jogbox, Dell PC Workstation and Hexagon’s market leading software, PC-DMIS Cad. The machine was direct from stock and ready to go so the lead-time perfectly met with the new contracts start dates.

LK G90 CS cmm machine

The problem:

Status works extensively throughout the UK but on this occasion the customer was located somewhat closer to our headquarters, just outside Nottingham. As an established engineering business with an enviable portfolio of clients, they already owned a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. However, the CMM was running a niche software package that wasn’t supported on the latest version of Windows.

Added to this, the measuring inspection software’s functionality was behind market standards and concerns were growing about its lack of investment and development. The client’s business was experiencing strong growth which brought with it the demand to inspect much larger components. The decision was reached internally to replace the old CMM and find a new software provider to support it.

aerospace cmm case study

To purchase the equivalent CMM, brand new from an OEM would have cost upwards of £180,000 and involved a significant lead-time before delivery. The ‘Status Approved’ CMM was implemented quickly and reduced the investment by well over £100,000 without compromising a future proofed, cutting edge system, with the global leading software solution - PC-DMIS.