1st Tier Plastic Car Parts Manufacturer

1st Tier Plastic Car Parts Manufacturer
Completed: April 2018
Solution: CMM with Laser Scanner
Value: £100k each

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How…

When our client’s largest customer and global OEM changed their requirements for inspection and placed the onus squarely on their supply-chain to comply, this non-budgeted cost came as an unpleasant surprise. On the face of it the options were limited, with only the CMM manufacturers being in a position to supply the cutting-edge laser technology required.

Thankfully, this project’s ‘Lead’ had many years’ experience in buying new and refurbished CMM’s. He knew that for the ‘Return on Investment’ they required this would need a combination of a refurbished granite bed and bridge with the latest laser scanner technology and PC-DMIS software.

However, this combination had never been produced before, the technology is so new that you can count on one hand how many of these systems are currently in place in the UK. Faced with quotations for new system’s fast approaching the £200,000 mark—that level of investment was squarely ruled out.

Through Status’ unique partnership with Hexagon MI we worked together on this ground-breaking project to supply the first refurbished CMM of it’s kind to run the HP-L-10.6 Laser Scanner.

HP-L laser scanners deliver maximum performance for complex surfaces and workpieces made of materials that are difficult to measure such as the plastics that our customer utilised.

The first multi-sensor CMM of its type it not only saved nearly £100,000 but delivers the exact same levels of precision with a through put in line with our customer’s requirements. Resulting in negligible compromise and plenty of added value.