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What to Look for When Choosing CMM Contract Measurement Services?

What to look for when choosing CMM Contract Measurement Services?

Manufacturing is an incredibly fast-paced environment, no matter what industry sector you operate in. While it’s ideal for most companies to measure and inspect parts in-house, sometimes you simply won’t have the time or capacity. Besides, smaller manufacturing businesses likely won’t have the expertise or capability to measure in-house. This is where subcontract CMM measurement and inspection can help you meet demand and standards. However, what should you look for when choosing a CMM contract measurement service provider?

Let’s take a closer look…


The first thing you should always look into is the company’s expertise. How long have they been working in the metrology industry for and have they carried out subcontract inspection work in your sector before? When it comes to expertise, you want to be working with a provider that has a highly skilled team with years of experience who will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Being established since 1982, we have been trading for almost forty years. Our expertise and wealth of knowledge in metrology across a diverse range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, marine, defence, medical and more, is second to none.


Accreditations help to provide proof of expertise and quality. Ideally, an outsourced CMM measurement partner should be UKAS accredited. Here at Status, we’re accredited in both UKAS Calibration and UKAS Testing. We’re also safe contractor approved.


Capacity is an extremely important detail to consider. It’s no good hiring a company that can only measure small components if you need a large aero-engine blade measured!

As well as this, you may have a huge batch of components that need inspecting. Can they facilitate this or are they more suited to one-offs?

We have two UKAS accredited labs to accommodate all needs and when it comes to size, we believe that we have the largest PC-DMIS powered CMM in the country, allowing us to accommodate components up to 1500mm wide by 2000mm long and 1400mm high.


Speed is often just as important as accuracy when it comes to subcon measurement. Oftentimes, when you outsource measurement, it’s likely that deadlines are looming and customers are chasing. You definitely don’t want to miss deadlines and let your clients down! A great metrology partner will deliver highly accurate contract measurement services on time, consistently to the most rigorous of schedules.


The reason your components and parts are being inspected is usually to check that they have been manufactured to exacting standards and meet quality requirements. Accuracy of outsourced measurement is crucial and your choice of CMM measurement company needs to provide the highest degrees of certainty and reliability.

We meet our customer’s accuracy needs with state-of-the-art UKAS calibrated CMM’s, all fitted with the industry’s leading software solution – PC-DMIS.


Metrology is a highly competitive business and price points being offered by potential partners need to match your expectations. Whilst price probably isn’t your number one concern when choosing CMM contract measurement services, you still want to make sure you’re getting a fair price for your particular project requirements.

The pricing across each of our services here at Status is very competitive thanks to our company ethos – when it comes to margin, we opt for the ‘little and often’ approach that never compromises customer service.


It pays to work with a company that can back up what they say through client reviews and testimonials. It’s always worth checking their website for a testimonials page, Google Reviews and of course the usual review sites such as TrustPilot and Yelp.

Additional Services

What else can the CMM measurement service provider you consider working with offer you? Ideally, you want to choose a company that can offer a whole suite of cutting-edge metrology services. These can then be called upon whenever required, saving a tremendous amount of time in researching and sourcing new partners for every other project!

Time to Take a Closer Look at Status?

Hopefully, we’ve provided some insight into what you should be looking for when choosing CMM contract measurement services. However, we now ask you to stop and take a closer look at Status. All of the above comes as standard when you choose us as your metrology partner. We also deliver a complete metrology solution – Machines, Software, Training and Services.

Take a closer look at how we can help your manufacturing business by calling our team on 0115 939 2228, by emailing or by filling out our enquiry form.