What Is The Room Size I Need For A CMM Machine?

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A CMM or a coordinate measuring machine is a special device used by manufacturers for assembly processes and to test parts against the design intent. The machine allows generating special points that are analysed for construction of objects by recording the X, Y, and Z coordinates.

In order to collect the points, a professional operator will manually position a probe or the points can be collected automatically with Direct Computer Control that repeatedly measures identical parts, turning a CMM into an industrial robot.

CMMs stand in Coordinate Measuring Machine rooms that have to be the right size and with the right environment in order to allow CMMs to precisely record the points. Since CMMs are sensitive and require specific conditions, not all rooms are suitable for them. For example, the room should have special panels that act as a thermal barrier and provide external sound dampening to allow operators to concentrate in their precise work.

High walls are another requirement for CMM rooms, as the bridge on some CMMs can be higher than 16 feet and therefore need special accessibility for maintenance. Some rooms have viewing windows, large doors, and complete temperature and humidity controls. Therefore, the room should be big enough to accommodate all your additional equipment.

The Importance Of Temperature & Humidity

The normal operating humidity for a CMM is 40% – 70% and the recommended temperature is 20℃. The problem is that if the humidity is higher than 70%, it will corrode the CMM and its key components, which will damage the instrument. Make sure you can control the temperature and the humidity, so your CMM will give you precise measurements.

Most CMMs require a constant temperature in the room, so it has to have an air conditioner. As technology progress, there are now small yet powerful air conditioners that don’t need much space. Since the warm air flow is upward and the cold air flow is downward, a regular fan will distribute the temperature unevenly, which can be damaging to your CMM. It’s imperative to avoid blowing air directly into your machine.

The CMM room does better with a transition zone of entrances and exits, without direct sunlight, and using double-glazed windows. Install curtains or blinds if necessary.

Benefits of Modular CMM Rooms

In modern CMMs, the bridge has two legs. The bridge moves with one leg following a guide rail. Another leg rests on the surface. Even though you can move your CMM using the bridge, it’s often too big and won’t fit through a standard doorway.

Modular CMM rooms add the final wall after the CMM is put in place for the complete CMM enclosure. When your CMM stands in a modular room, the construction process is much simpler. Unlike traditional rooms, modular rooms are constructed without facility disruptions and dust caused by hammering, cutting, or sawing.

Most of the modular CMM rooms can be constructed on site within a week, allowing you to keep your production going and maintain operations with limited downtime. If you need to relocate or update your machine, or move it to another facility, a modular CMM room can be reconstructed in the same layout. It can be reconfigured and expanded as well. Since different CMMs require rooms of different sizes, the versatility of a modular room is a primary advantage.

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