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What Does CMM Servicing & Maintenance Include?

cmm service and maintenance

For manufacturers working to extremely high-quality standards, such as those in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries the continued use of a CMM machine at optimum performance is critical. Downtime and underperformance of the machine can result in delayed production, unsatisfied customers, failure to meet quality requirements and potentially huge losses. To help ensure a CMM continues to operate at a high standard and to avoid any inspection bottlenecks, regular maintenance, calibration and servicing should be carried out. So, what does CMM servicing and maintenance include?

Software Updates

The software you use to operate your CMM has a significant effect on its performance. Outdated software can lead to inaccuracies and failure to meet quality requirements. Checking for new software updates should be carried out regularly and when an update is identified it should be installed by an expert.

Machine Upgrades and Retrofits

To ensure your manufacturing business continues to meet and exceed quality expectations, CMM equipment needs to be kept up to date. There are times, however, as technology advances, that certain elements of your CMM will need upgrading including controllers, software, and probing/sensor equipment. This is where specific machine upgrades can be carried out. Alternatively, a retrofit is a complete turnkey solution that involves retrofitting a machine with the latest software and equipment. Status retrofitted CMM machines match and sometimes exceed the performance of most new machines on the market for a fraction of the cost.


CMM calibration is essential to achieving consistent measurement results within the required performance parameters. The majority of CMM calibrations can be completed using an artefact. However, more demanding calibrations may require the use of a laser interferometer.


If you’re relocating your manufacturing facilities to new premises then it’s highly likely you’ll need your CMM machine relocated also. Status provides full-service machine relocations from rigging and loading to transportation, unloading and re-commissioning the installation.

General Machine Maintenance

Many maintenance tasks need to be carried out on a regular basis – from daily tasks such as cleaning to monthly tasks such as checking motors, cables and parts. This all falls under the category of general CMM machine maintenance.

Preventative CMM Maintenance Vs Ad-hoc CMM Servicing

Preventative CMM maintenance is one of the best ways to help ensure the continuous running of your CMM. A Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement involves service engineers coming out to your premises at scheduled dates over a year. Although CMM machines can fail at any time, scheduled maintenance substantially decreases this risk and also saves you the time and hassle of carrying out in-house maintenance. Ad-hoc CMM servicing works differently to a preventative maintenance schedule as there isn’t set dates and times for maintenance to be carried out. Ad-hoc servicing involves you identifying a problem or precursor to a potential problem yourself and then notifying your chosen CMM servicing company. Deciding between the two depends on your company requirements, however, Status will in most circumstances advise you to opt for a preventative maintenance schedule. Although, we’re happy to work to suit your specific needs.

Emergency Repair

Sometimes a CMM can fail and stop working unexpectedly or a specific part could break down. In this case, an emergency callout repair is required to get your CMM back up and running as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal downtime.

Time to take a closer look at Status for your CMM Service needs

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Download CMM Maintenance Guide

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