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Upgrading Your Inspection Process to Include CMM Fixturing Systems

Manufacturing businesses constantly need to evolve and adapt to meet increased consumer demand for greater accuracy and customisation. When it comes to driving this greater precision that’s needed, many businesses will look to the rapidly advancing technology in measuring machines. However, fixturing systems are often overlooked.

Upgrading your inspection processes to include CMM fixturing systems will boost productivity and make your inspection more efficient. Take a closer look…

What are CMM Fixturing Systems?

Poor component holding can lead to inspection errors, which can impair product quality and drive up costs to correct mistakes. CMM fixturing systems hold manufactured parts and components securely so that maximum access for inspection and measurement can be achieved. Due to the diverse range of complex components that might need inspecting, there are a wide range of precision fixturing accessories that are available to suit but the right solution needs to offer maximum usability. Fortunately, our partners over at Hexagon created the Swift-Fix range of fixturing kits…

Swift-Fix by Hexagon

No matter how complex the component to be measured, and no matter how different the subsequent component might be, Hexagon’s Swift-Fix kits are flexible to adapt. They feature a range of tools to help with usability, including universal kinematic base plates, articulated fixturing arms, clampings and much more.

The kits are available in 3 different options – bronze, silver and gold to suit a wide range of varying application needs and complexities, from standoffs and baseplates, tension posts and side blocks, to pillars and spring clamps.

Hexagon’s Swift-Fix CMM fixturing systems provide manufacturers with a whole host of incredible benefits that include:

  • Repeatable location of parts.
  • Maximum access for probing.
  • Aids accurate and repeatable measurement.
  • Unlimited configurations from one kit – no need for expensive dedicated fixtures.
  • Simple to build.
  • Wide range of clamping and holding options – even for flexible parts.

Take a closer look

Being backed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, as their official UK Technical Service Partner since 1999, is something we’re extremely proud of. This unique partnership means that Status only works with the industry’s best products, services and training available. If you want to get more out of your inspection process and haven’t yet considered CMM fixturing systems or thought about upgrading existing systems, then we’ll help you take a closer look. Get in touch with us today on email at, by phone on 0115 939 2228 or via our contact form.