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UPDATED: The Guide to CMM Retrofitting

retrofitting guide

We’ve just updated our FREE Guide to CMM Retrofitting.

Fortunately for businesses that invest in CMM equipment, CMM hardware is built to last. Though the initial cost of investment in a new or refurbished machine may be high, the actual structure of the machine is pretty durable, giving decades of use and a great ROI with the right maintenance.

However, in many ways CMM technology is advancing rapidly. Just over the past few years we have seen huge changes in inspection techniques, production methodologies and operator skill sets to name but a few. Plus advancements in software, probing equipment and electronic controllers.

Retrofitting involves selectively replacing and modernising key equipment to improve a CMM’s accuracy and productivity, while leaving the structural components intact.

In the guide we cover:

  • Why Retrofit?
  • Advantages of Retrofitting?
  • Latest Generation Components
  • PC-DMIS Metrology Software

And much more.

Download your FREE copy here.