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UPDATED: The Guide to CMM Maintenance

Status Metrology CMM Service

We’ve just updated our FREE Guide to CMM Maintenance.

For manufacturers working to extremely high-quality standards, such as those in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries the continued use of a CMM machine at optimum performance is critical. Downtime and underperformance of the machine can result in delayed production, unsatisfied customers, failure to meet quality requirements and potentially huge losses.

To help ensure a CMM continues to operate at a high standard and to avoid any inspection bottlenecks, regular maintenance, calibration and servicing should be carried out.

Knowing whom to call when your CMM needs service is vital to the proper functioning of your company and sticking to your project delivery dates. For over 30 years, Status have been supporting Coordinate Measuring Machines within the metrology industry. CMMs are made to last but only if you provide proper maintenance and calibration at regular intervals throughout their lifetime.

In the guide we take a closer look at CMM Maintenance and cover:

  • Calibration
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance Checklist
  • The CMM Error Map

And much more.

Download your FREE copy here.