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Unspoken Benefits Of Upgrading Your CMM Equipment

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By their design and functionality, CMMs wear really well. Only their software and electronic capabilities don’t last for years. That’s why CMM upgrade services have become so popular in the few last years; they can restore machine capability to its full performance at a fraction of the cost of investing in a new unit.

Critical for businesses, updates to software and hardware enable manufacturers to add the latest versions of requirements and standards. They keep software up-to-date and ensure compliance with laws and standards. On average, Europe releases major regulations and/or revisions to inspection standards once every two years and your equipment should be in compliance.

With regular updates, you will receive new features, have more stability, improve the performance of your machine, and receive a better user experience. You will also have the assurance that you can access the complete functionality of your CMM and help it last longer.

Your Hardware Can Be At Risk

Computer hardware improves so quickly that operating systems should be upgraded regularly, as the hardware is developed to improve the performance of implemented technologies. Software updates often have critical improvements in their codes to ensure that a CMM is compatible with new PCs. Older software quickly becomes outdated.

For example, a CMM that hasn’t been upgraded for 15 years won’t run the software that it came with because computers and their operating systems don’t last that long. If you try to run a new metrology program on a PC from 2002, at the very least you will run into compatibility and performance issues. If your PC needs replacement or you move to a new operating system without upgrading the PC, the gap in compatibility can result in starting parts programming from scratch. Don’t let your company be without up-to-date software and regularly upgrade your computer hardware as well.

Peace of Mind

Upgrading your CMM gives you peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need for your machine, whatever the circumstances. You can rest assured you’re ready for the upcoming changes. For example, if you need to prepare your software for a new sensor or format, or add something new, you already have the latest version of the software. Updating your CMM software and controllers mitigates many problems in the operation your CMM.

Take Small Steps and Keep Up with the Trends

You don’t need to have one big upgrade and change everything. Instead, stick with a reliable metrology program (such as PC-DMIS from hexagon) and then make small CMM updates regularly. When there is a change in a program, such as a scheduled update, developers want to make sure the transition is seamless for their customers and they add as few alterations as possible along the way. When you take big steps – e.g. implement a brand new metrology application – you are faced with uncertainty. You could miss out on important conversion algorithms, which results in glitches and even a costly repair job after a failed upgrade.

CMM Upgrades From Status Metrology

At Status Metrology we offer CMM upgrade services to ensure you take advantage of all financial and technical benefits of the latest metrology software. With years of experience and after working with thousands of CMMs, we have the expertise and knowledge to manage a thorough CMM maintenance programme. Contact us today and get the most from your machine.

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