TR_FG018 Error Code – The Common Cause And Future Prevention

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One that’s coming up a little more regularly here at Status Metrology HQ is the concerned call from a CMM Operator who’s machine isn’t performing and reporting a TR_FG018 error code. As machine environments, build quality and reliably all improve, it is human nature to expect the CMM to always be on point. However, TP20’s wear as they are swapped on and off the CMM however many times a day, week, month or year. Often as not when the touch probe isn’t seated properly or the contact surfaces are worn you’ll receive a TR_FG018 error code. Thankfully it is usually very easy to remedy, simply swap that touch probe off the CMM or re-seat the probe and ‘hey presto’ it should resolve the problem.

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We appreciate that it is easy to take the TP20’s good service for granted, they are well engineered, robust and perform consistently. After many years in the metrology service business, we’ve learned one key lesson; machinery and technology always let you down at the most inopportune moment! It would be time well spent to take a few moments to inspect the condition of your inventory of touch probes and if you need replacements then please contact us.

Cleaning Kit 1.jpgIf your inspection programs dictate that you’re frequently changing touch probes it would be wise to look at investing in a tip changer. Status Metrology holds a limited stock of pre-owned ‘Status Approved’ Tip Changers and can also supply brand new Renishaw and Hexagon items. An entry level Tip Changer shouldn’t be a significant investment but it would help to improve throughput whilst keeping your touch probes in excellent condition. A Tip Changer also removes the need to magnetically attach any spare touch probes to a ‘designated storage area’ or desk legs, building girders, machine controllers and filing cabinets amongst other places we’ve spotted on our travels!

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If you do find that you’re storing spare touch probes in a less than ideal location then we certainly recommend that all kinematic coupling mechanisms incorporated in probing devices are cleaned before use and at regular intervals thereafter. If you haven’t got the appropriate cleaning products then please contact us about our Status CMM packaged Cleaning Kit. The package contains a kinematic cleaning kit which comprises of strips of ‘yellow tack’ material which should be used to clean the precision ball seating’s and permanent magnets found on the probe and probe heads. It also contains Ambesil IPA and Lint free cloths for cleaning CMM scales, Foam Cleaner for the granite bed and an Anti-Static Duster for keeping the CMM free from dust and other airborne particles.

If you have any questions, queries or would like to receive more information then please email or call our Aftermarket Service Manager, Dean Tillett on or telephone 0115 939 2228, he’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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