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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Take Advantage Of PC-DMIS!

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The world’s most popular CMM software, PC-DMIS, has just launched two incredible limited time offers that could save you thousands of pounds.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s happening and how YOU can take advantage of the market-leading CMM software solution…


Save THOUSANDS of pounds on upgrading your PC-DMIS license by only having to pay 6 months back charges!

How to claim:
Are you using an outdated version of PC-DMIS that is no more than 4 years old? You can upgrade to the current version, PC-DMIS R1 2019 with Status and only have to pay 6 months back charges, plus the 12-month contract – saving you thousands on a new license. To take advantage of this offer and start using some of the amazing new features you must have an expired license no older than 4 years (PC-DMIS 2015 Service Pack 1 or later).
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50% OFF NEW LICENCES (Offer ends 31/3/20)

Get 50% OFF a new PC-DMIS license and save THOUSANDS!

How to claim:
Not currently using PC-DMIS but considering making the switch? There’s no better time than now as you could benefit from a 50% discount on a new license.

You can take advantage of this offer in the following ways:

  • By buying a Status CMM
  • By having your existing CMM retrofitted by Status with an RC Line Controller and converted to PC-DMIS – RC241 and RC1.

On top of the amazing PC-DMIS savings that you can benefit from with this offer, a retrofitted or refurbished Status CMM will deliver exceptional performance – matching and often exceeding that of most new machines for a FRACTION of the price.
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Find out more about retrofitting your existing machine with Status in the below video…

There has never been a better time to start using the ultimate CMM software solution, PC-DMIS, and to start taking advantage of all of the must-have features launched in 2019, including:

  • Selection and Capture: Automatically transfers GD&T data from 2D ‘blueprints’ into your measurement routines to save the user time and effort as well as reducing human error.
  • IP Measure or Path Optimisation: This feature rearranges your measurement routines in the most efficient way to speed up your programs and taking the best route.
  • PC-DMIS Inspect: A standalone application that makes executing PC-DMIS measurement routines easy with its simple, user-friendly graphical interface.

Take a closer look at the new PC-DMIS features.


Save thousands with these fantastic PC-DMIS offers today by calling us on 0115 939 2228, by emailing or by completing our enquiry form.


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