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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of CMM Service and Support

the good the bad the ugly metrology

The metrology industry is highly competitive, with a great deal of experienced companies to choose from. However, in recent months, the CMM service and support sector of our industry is fast becoming like the Wild West. A scene out of Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti Western Classic, with inexperienced companies and downright Cowboys starting up and touting for business!

Unfortunately, they often get away with it with the customer paying the price. Either with machine moves gone wrong (on which we recently published an infographic on avoiding this here), failed CMM service and repair jobs that the customer still ends up paying for (with some supposedly experienced outfits going as far as explicitly asking for help on Social Media) and, the list goes on.

For this reason, now more than ever before, stopping and taking a closer look at the CMM service business you’re thinking of working with is critical.

Avoiding the Bad and The Ugly

Getting caught up with one of these Cowboy metrology companies will land your business in trouble, leaving you likely having to pay far more money than you’d planned to fix a job gone wrong. This is something you’ll want to avoid anytime and now even more so with the vast amounts of debt owed and companies struggling to stay afloat due to the pandemic.

Stay clear by ensuring you do your due diligence and research before committing to work with a company. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Check reviews on their website, Google reviews, Social Media reviews and any customer comments.
  • Are they offering something that sounds too good to be true? It likely is.
  • Check their certifications and accreditations.
  • Do they have any case studies or examples of work they’ve done?
  • Do they invest in training their employees to the highest of standards?
  • Look at their Social media content. As stated prior, some will even go as far as publicly asking for help when they’re “experts”.

Quality Wins Every Time

With CMM inspection and measurement, quality is a must. That’s why most companies use a CMM in the first place for their reliability and accuracy to meet quality standards. We can say the same about CMM service and support, quality wins every single time. It always pays to work with a trusted, experienced company who you know will deliver the goods repeatedly, rather than an inexperienced support provider, who, may well be cheaper, but will end up costing A LOT more in the long run.

How Can Status Help?

With almost 40 years in business, excellence and quality come as standard. We take great care in every job we carry out, small or large, and the customer always comes first, which is why many of our early customers continue to support us to this day. Our CMM service and support engineers are trained thoroughly, carry a ‘can do’ attitude, use their initiative and want to solve problems quickly with the aim to help the customer and exceed expectations.

What we do doesn’t just stop at CMM service and support. Here at Status, we’re a full service metrology company with the backup of the World’s biggest network, thanks to our partnership with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Our solutions utilise innovative technology that results in higher precision, better accuracy and greater consistency across our 4 key areas – Machines, Software, Training and Services.

Ready to take a closer look?

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