Status Metrology’s Brand New Boardroom The Result Of The 5S Process

status metrology board room.jpg

In Autumn 2016 Status Metrology enlisted the services of a ‘5S’ Business Consultant. We were aware that we had untapped potential in our working environment and we wanted to improve on this. After the initial meeting and walk around we quickly established that we were holding a stock of items that were never going to be commercially beneficial to our customer base. We recognised that storing unsuitable items was effectively costing the business money and it would also free up a lot of much-needed space. In accordance with the ‘5S’ procedure, we thoroughly sorted through the items we wished to keep and organised them so they could be found quickly from a revised storage area.

After re-designing the building layout somewhat, we now have Carpenters and Electricians booked to complete the building alterations before we can start the re-painting process. Small changes have made a big difference to the way we work, simple things like arranging the desks in a single open plan environment have enabled all our technical team to share one working space. Which in turn has helped us improve face to face internal communication and means that nobody is locked away in an office anymore.

As an added bonus, we’ve cleared a mezzanine above one of our two UKAS accredited inspection laboratories and managed to create a new meeting and boardroom space. The room benefits from brand new comfortable black leather chairs, a new table and a 55” Ultra High Definition Samsung flat screen. The space is now perfect for training and presentations alike and we’ve even acquired a custom build presentation stand for the new flat screen. Tony Tillett, Managing Director added “We’re hoping that this investment will be well received by our staff and visitors and is just a small token of our commitment to getting the job done right.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the ‘5S’ process and how it can help create a more efficient working environment please call Andrea Sutcliffe, Quality Manager on 0115 9392228 or email her on