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Status Metrology – Statement on COVID-19: March 2020

At Status Metrology we support, maintain and provide CMM measurement services through our own machines and that of our clients. These machines are vital in ensuring that manufactured and engineered components and parts are dimensionally correct. Our clients operate in diverse sectors, such as medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, defence, automotive, prototyping to name just a few.

The health, wellbeing and safety of our staff, suppliers, customers along with their respective families is our number one priority.

During these unprecedented times, we are monitoring developments on an hour by hour basis. We are providing guidance, support and advice to our colleagues on the COVID-19 virus. We have given our team the option of working from home, where possible, and we are actively following the World Health Organisation, Government and local medical authorities advice, guidance and updates.

In line with the advice from these agencies, those that can work from home, are doing. For those that cannot work from home, and need to attend our offices we have implemented the following restrictions:-

  • Staggered working patterns.
  • Two metre social distancing at all times, with no personal contact.
  • Segregated lunch times.
  • Separate working environments.
  • Regular hand washing with sanitizer and antibacterial wipes for the equipment and tools.
  • Hard surfaces and high traffic areas are being regularly cleaned.
  • Telephone, email and virtual communication and meetings only – no face to face meetings take place.
  • We have stopped all non-essential visitors and any visitors that must attend site for business continuity are being vetted before doing so.

For our engineer’s that need to visit clients premises, we are taking the following ‘and additional to the above’ pre-cautionary steps:-

  • Gloves, sanitizer, wipes and masks have been provided.
  • Staff discretion, they are not to attend site, if they do not feel comfortable in doing so.
  • Our Engineers must be left alone to complete their work on the machines.
  • Customer’s are being vetted to ensure that the site is as safe as possible and is equipped to support our enhanced requirements.

Status Metrology has the necessary equipment and procedures in place to ensure that we can continue to operate effectively whether that is at home, at our offices or elsewhere.

Due to the nature of our business, and our engineer’s essentially being remote workers for a significant amount of their working week. All internet connections on our laptops, PC’s and phones are protected using secure remote VPN connectivity. This ensures that Status is able to maintain confidentiality and protect our data.

While we do not know how the outbreak of COVID-19 will develop over the coming weeks and months we are working to ensure that we have procedures, policy’s and tools in place to ensure that we are best equipped to face these uncertain times.

Stay safe!