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Status Metrology Partners With Mahr Metrology To Bring You Advanced Inspection & Measurement Solutions

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We are delighted to announce our latest supply partnership – with Mahr Metrology. Mahr is as close to being a ‘household name’ as it gets in metrology; a company first established in Germany in 1861 and now operating from bases in more than 35 countries. The Mahr Group specialises in metrology and production equipment, with each asset guaranteed to deliver a long service life and reliable results – whatever the application. We have been accredited to supply the full range of Mahr metrology supplies at competitive rates, with manufacturer’s warranty. We don’t currently carry out servicing or refits on Mahr equipment, although this may change in the future. Please check back regularly for updates.

Why Choose Mahr CMM Equipment?

Mahr Metrology create high quality CMM equipment to cater for new demands in production; where the requirements for accuracy are increasing and objects are getting smaller. Thanks to their range of lightweight, handheld 2D measuring machines, the metallurgy industry can now benefit from active and simple measuring with unprecedented accuracy.

Each Mahr CMM component is manufactured from durable materials to ensure longevity and is designed using the latest techniques to ensure advanced performance, drawing on over 150 years continuous engineering experience in metrology and metallurgy.

Different non-contact and contact probes allow for different kinds of measurements to be performed and then interpreted in a timely manner using comprehensive analysis software, to help companies keep pace in today’s competitive environment.

Operation & Ergonomics

Mahr’s compact CMMs come with convenient control panels to enable you to programme the machine quickly and without a computer. They are very easy to operate and begin measuring without in-depth experience and knowledge of measuring machines.

High-Quality Surface Finish Measurements

Mahr’s surface finish probes are a single platform that eliminates the need for huge CMMs and gives you greater flexibility on the production line. Their portable units give you the same reliability and accuracy as a static CMM, meaning you won’t always need to move parts to dedicated surface measuring machines. This reduces inspection times and labour costs. CMM users can automatically switch between surface finish measurements and part scanning, with a comprehensive analysis in a single measurement report. Every guide-way is lapped to high parallelism and straightness using the latest manufacturing techniques and matchless expertise.

The Best In Metrology Equipment From Status

Together with Mahr, at Status Metrology we offer a range of compact measuring machines with advanced stability and precision. With a passion for quality and optimised processes, we offer innovative new CMM technology from some of the world’s leading metrology specialists. To discuss your needs or for a free quote, please get in touch with one of our technical sales team today.