Special Product News

In general terms there are 3 types of controls for coordinate Measuring Machines:

  1. Manual (hand operated)
  2. Servo-Assist (Joystick Control only)
  3. CNC (Fully Automatic)

For a small machine shop which cannot justify the expense of an automatic control machine but relies on precision and repeatability at an affordable price, Status Metrology offers a cost effective solution in terms of a ‘Servo-Assist’ alternative.

Experienced users of precision measuring equipment know that for hand controlled machines; the user has to develop a skill and ‘feel’ to achieve accuracy and repeatability.

Another restricting factor with manual measuring machines is the size of travel and mass weight. If the machine has longer traverse above 500mm, then the user will need to stretch to perform the measuring task.

To overcome these factors and rather than the operator manually pushing and pulling the machine, we fit XYZ Axis drives with motors and gearboxes and a Joystick controller and let the motor control system take over.

Another advantage of using ‘servo-assist’ is that once the probe is triggered on a surface the controller kicks in and stops the traverse and then automatically backs-off away from the surface to re-arm the probe. The overall result of this type of system achieves accuracy & repeatability at an affordable price.

To view our current stocks of ‘Servo-Assist’ CMMs please go to our website and select USED MANUAL CMMs or visit us for a demonstration.