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Hexagon Absolute Arms

Did you know that portable measuring machines allow you to measure directly within the manufacturing environment?

An increasingly popular coordinate measurement technology allowing users to both boost productivity and cut costs, portable measuring arms or PCMM’s have become a mainstay for manufacturing companies across a diverse range of sectors, including aerospace and automotive.

Portable arms offer incredible versatility and flexibility when compared to standard CMM machines. The key benefit being the ability to take the measurement device out onto the shop floor – instead of having to remove components from the manufacturing environment and bring them into the lab.

Portable metrology systems have come a long way in the last few years, with one of the most significant technology advancements being repeatable mounting. Our partners over at Hexagon offer an excellent range of portable arms in the form of their Absolute Arm products. This range of portable CMM’s is at the cutting edge of the industry. Here’s why…


Metrology equipment is used in many different manufacturing environments and quality processes around the world, from aerospace and automotive to rail and oil and gas. There’s now a growing demand for versatility than there ever has been and Hexagon’s portable systems facilitate this with the ability to easily swap out probes and sensors to suit the specific needs of the application. Automotive exhaust manufacturing is a great example of where a PCMM would be ideal.

arm probing

Save Time. Guarantee Accuracy.

When it comes to swapping probes and sensors, usually, users are faced with having to decide between a reduction in accuracy or productivity. This is due to time lost in potentially having to carry out a recalibration if the probe or sensor isn’t added to the exact same place as the one prior.

However, with the Hexagon Absolute Arm range, this isn’t the case. This is thanks to their kinematic joint. The joint was pioneered by TESA (part of the Hexagon group) to ensure swapping probes on standard CMM’s was easy but today, all portable machine solutions from Hexagon come with this kinematic joint as standard.

kinematic joint

Due to this repeatability of probe mounting, time is saved and continued accuracy is guaranteed. Measurement software also gets updated automatically following mounting, with the correct dimensional compensations.

Status currently has 2 of the very best portable measuring machines available from our strategic partner Hexagon MI’s new Absolute Arm range. Take a closer look below:

7-Axis – The All-in-One Solution for Portable 3D Measurement

The 7-Axis PCMM is the flagship product in Hexagon’s range. For high-end portable measurement applications that require tactile probing and laser scanning, this is the perfect solution. Ease of measurement and usability are two core elements that have been factored into the design of the 7-Axis Arm to minimise user fatigue. The 7-Axis Hexagon Absolute Arm provides manufacturing businesses with a multifunctional measurement tool – delivering excellent improvements in productivity.

Price from £41,549.65 | View technical details.

6-Axis: The Portable Measuring Arm Optimised for Probing

The 6-Axis Hexagon Absolute Arm is specialised for high-accuracy touch measurement but also provides an option for entry into 3D scanning via compatibility with the HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner. If your business doesn’t really require the 3D laser scanning provided by the 7-Axis PCMM but would like the option there for the future, this is the solution for you. The 6-Axis machine will still comfortably deliver increased productivity for your manufacturing facility.

Price from £23,500.00 | View technical details.

Take a Closer Look

The Absolute Arm range is the ultimate multi-tool for portable metrology. Ready to take a closer look? Get in touch with Status on 0115 939 2228, email or complete your details on our enquiry form.