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PC-DMIS R1 2019 – New features and why you need to take a closer look at your existing CMM software

Earlier this year, our strategic partners, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, rolled out a new update to its leading CMM software, PC-DMIS. The latest release, PC-DMIS R1 2019, further expands and evolves the software, offering workflow, performance and user experience improvements. In this article, we look at the core new features and tools available in the latest update to PC-DMIS and why your business needs it…

GD&T Selection from Capture

The GD&T Selection from Capture tool makes reading and importing GD&T data from your CAD files a breeze. It does this by using advanced OCR technology that takes a scanned 2D blueprint, reads the GD&T data and imports it directly into your measurement routine – all in a few clicks. This new feature not only reduces human input error but it also saves time and effort. You’ll never have to manually input GD&T data again!


Protect is a great new feature for businesses that have to adhere to stringent process and quality controls such as those in the aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors. It allows the user to control access on all measurement routines while also recording any changes that are made so that they can easily be traced in future audits. This level of control ensures that your metrology operations remain consistent and therefore enables you to continuously deliver the highest quality products.

Calibration Collision Avoidance

CMM probe calibration is a long process and during the calibration process, productivity can be limited. With Calibration Collision Avoidance you can rest assured that you can begin the calibration process and let it run while you attend to other tasks. This is thanks to new algorithms within this latest PC-DMIS update that have minimised the chance of collisions by automatically finding safe moves needed to avoid them.

Universal Updater

Looking for software and keeping existing metrology software up to date can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing task. However, the new PC-DMIS Universal Updater tool makes this far easier to manage. Sitting unobtrusively in your PC taskbar, Universal Updater lets you discover complementary products that Hexagon has to offer while also providing access to the latest Hexagon MI new and links to community platforms where you can share product improvement ideas and more.

Excel Form Report

Excel Form Report allows users to fill in a form created in Excel with measurement data from PC-DMIS. It offers excellent flexibility, allowing users to create different reports for different departments. Excel Form Reports comes with a range of existing templates or you can easily create a custom report with ease. You don’t even need to install Microsoft Excel on your machine!

The perfect balance between user experience and capability

Hexagon MI continue to provide market-leading CMM software that simply cannot be matched and they continue to strive towards the perfect balance between user experience and capability. Here’s what their Product Line Manager for Metrology Software, Ken Woodbine had to say…

“PC-DMIS 2019 R1 continues the trend towards optimizing each of the three primary metrology tasks of measurement creation, execution, and collaboration. The improvements in this version bring us ever closer to a perfect balance between user experience and capability.”

Time to take a closer look at your CMM software?

If your manufacturing business has a CMM or multiple CMM machines in operation and you aren’t currently using PC-DMIS then it’s time to take a closer look at your CMM software. PC-DMIS provides a multitude of benefits to CMM machine operators but ultimately your entire quality/measurement processes. It can even assist with the transformation of an outdated machine – giving it a new lease of life and improving its capabilities so that they match or exceed those of the latest models.

Utilising just a handful of the software’s core features can deliver phenomenal cost savings and productivity improvements, helping your business enjoy greater profits.

If you’re ready to take a closer look at your CMM software and would like to start benefitting from PC-DMIS then get in touch with Status today by calling 0115 939 2228. Alternatively, send an email to or fill in your details here:

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