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PC-DMIS 2021.1 is Here!

pc-dmis 2021.1

Our partners at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have very recently launched the latest PC-DMIS software release in the form of PC-DMIS 2021.1. PC-DMIS is the market leader in CMM software – transforming inspection capabilities.

Here, the Status team takes a closer look at the latest PC-DMIS release and breaks down some of the new features, including the ability to manage assets using the new SFx App, an improved Summary Mode and integration with a number of metrology sensors.

First, we’ll start off with the new feature highlights!

HxGN SFx Mobile App Integration

Integration with HxGN SFx Asset Management software was added back in the last PC-DMIS release – 2020 R2. However, in PC-DMIS 2021.1 Hexagon has added the capability to access the information from any mobile device thanks to its new SFx mobile app that can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices. The app uses built-in security such as FaceID and provides an easy to use, intuitive mobile dashboard to manage all of your connected assets in real-time.

sfx asset management


INSPECT Barcode is an all-new licence option that allows the user to associate barcodes and QR codes to routines and playlists. Once associated, the user can scan a code with any Windows supported reader and matching routines will automatically select and run. INSPECT Barcode simplifies the user workflow, improves efficiency and importantly reduces the possibility of input error from the operator.

inspect barcode

Multiple Sensor Integrations

PC-DMIS 2021.1 is compatible with a suite of new CMM sensors – including touch trigger probes, a new chromatic white light sensor and a roughness sensor. These CMM sensors that PC-DMIS now supports provide increased flexibility, future capability and workflow efficiency to optimise part measurement.

HP-TMe touch trigger

Now let’s take a look at some of the existing feature improvements…

Summary Mode

Summary Mode is a staple feature within PC-DMIS – providing users a simple view of measurement routines. With this latest release, Hexagon has improved the feature to provide better access – including the addition of a visibility toggle, pass/fail colour tags added to dimensions commands and more.

pc dmis summary mode

Paste with Pattern

The Paste with Pattern tool has been given new curve functionality. It’s a great improvement that will massively decrease the time it takes to create measurement routines for users who need a circular pattern around a feature.

pc dmis pattern on a curve


Protect was introduced in the 2019 R1 PC-DMIS release – granting users peace of mind thanks to routine protection and traceability. In PC-DMIS 2021.1, users now have greater control thanks to improved workflow and UX. The enhancements made include the direct comparison between the certified routine and a modified version, showing the changes in colour for easy review and approval, and the addition of 2-factor authentication.

pc dmis protect

On top of the highlights that we’ve touched on in this article, PC-DMIS 2021.1 has over 30 additional new features and improvements, including:

  • Direct CAD Interface
  • Pointcloud Surface Colourmap – Direct Projection
  • Measurement Strategy Editor (MSE) – Smart Parameters
  • INSPECT Dimension Sets
  • GD&T from File
  • Feature Label Display

Here at Status, we bring PC-DMIS to our customers through CMM retrofits, upgrades and software installations. If you want to start taking advantage of some of the incredible features it offers to enjoy reduced measurement times and increased profits then give us a call today on 0115 939 2228, email or request your FREE, no obligation, PC-DMIS demo.

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