CMM Calibration And Verification Explained By The Experts

Status Metrology CMM Service

Do you know the difference between measuring equipment calibration and verification? 

The two terms are often used interchangeably between service providers, sometimes leading to confusion on what each term means. It’s certainly a question we get asked a lot here at Status. Here we take a closer look at both of these terms and explain what’s involved with each.

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Achieve Legendary Quality Inspection Results With Our Winning Team

We’ve hand selected the winning team when it comes to Quality Inspection, ensuring that legendary results are achieved for our clients. Take a closer look by watching the video…

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Pre-Owned CMM Systems

Pre-Owned CMM from Status Metrology

Status supplies and supports a large range of used metrology equipment including pre-owned coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and portable measurement systems.

At Status, we believe that quality drives productivity, which is why we’re the UK’s only official partner of Hexagon MI. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer and technical service. Our high standards are fully backed with a global OEM’s seal of approval.    

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CMM Machines for Sale at Status – Take A Closer Look at the Options!

CMM machine by Status Metrology

Are you currently exploring the option of buying a CMM machine? With Status encompassing 37 years experience and counting, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time for you to take a closer look at what we can offer you…

We’re constantly expanding our range of Coordinate Measurement Machines to keep up with demand, so we can supply you with the latest, high-performance machines, at entry-level prices.

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Half Price PC-DMIS Software with any new RC Line Controller. CMM Retrofits & Upgrades to Give your Machine a New Lease of Life

RC1 controller

The performance and accuracy of a CMM decrease with its age, not physically but due to the rapid advancements in CMM software and technology. As the machine starts becoming less reliable, most companies will begin sourcing a new machine. Failing to replace your CMM on time can lead to delays, inspection bottlenecks and profit loss.

However, what if we told you that you didn’t have to replace your CMM and that we were able to give your existing machine a new lease of life? Imagine being able to save tens of thousands of pounds on purchasing a new machine but benefitting from similar performance and accuracy outputs. This can be achieved with Status CMM retrofits and upgrades.

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We Buy Back Your Unused/Unwanted CMMs!

we buy cmms

Do you have an unused or unwanted CMMs following the purchase of a newer machine? If so, why not consider selling it to Status?

Due to the recognition of Status unique offering, we are enjoying strong demand for our high-quality, pre-owned PC-DMIS powered CMM’s. As an independent CMM provider, we understood that without the backing of the global leader, our offering was always going to be somewhat limited.

The exact same principles apply to our customers. Who understand that when it comes to CMM’s it is vital to partner with global leading technology. On the back of this, we’re increasing our efforts to buy back CMMs that we can refurbish and retrofit to fulfil our customer demand.

Take a closer look at the core benefits of selling your CMM equipment to Status…

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Buying a New or Used CMM Machine? It’s Time To Take A Closer Look

Buying a New or Used CMM Machine

Are you currently in the market for a new or used CMM machine? It’s time to take a closer look. Since our inception back in 1982, we’ve enjoyed continued growth and development in the metrology sector. Not only do we supply new and used CMM machines at exceptional prices but we provide the full scope of metrology services. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should take a closer look at Status when you purchase a new or used CMM machine.

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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Take Advantage Of PC-DMIS!

pc dmis offers

The world’s most popular CMM software, PC-DMIS, has just launched two incredible limited time offers that could save you thousands of pounds.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s happening and how YOU can take advantage of the market-leading CMM software solution…

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What Does CMM Servicing & Maintenance Include?

cmm service and maintenance

For manufacturers working to extremely high-quality standards, such as those in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries the continued use of a CMM machine at optimum performance is critical. Downtime and underperformance of the machine can result in delayed production, unsatisfied customers, failure to meet quality requirements and potentially huge losses. To help ensure a CMM continues to operate at a high standard and to avoid any inspection bottlenecks, regular maintenance, calibration and servicing should be carried out. So, what does CMM servicing and maintenance include?

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PC-DMIS R1 2019 – New features and why you need to take a closer look at your existing CMM software

Earlier this year, our strategic partners, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, rolled out a new update to its leading CMM software, PC-DMIS. The latest release, PC-DMIS R1 2019, further expands and evolves the software, offering workflow, performance and user experience improvements. In this article, we look at the core new features and tools available in the latest update to PC-DMIS and why your business needs it…

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