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Our New & Improved PC-DMIS Buyer’s Guide Is Here!

pc-dmis updated guide

For the company that wants to save time, reduce costs, increase productivity and have greater control over their measurements, there really is no better CMM software solution on the market than PC-DMIS. As proud partners with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Status is able to bring PC-DMIS to its customers through our retrofitted CMMs and through software installations.

We recently published an article on software maintenance and how PC-DMIS is kept at the cutting-edge of the metrology industry thanks to regular updates and new features being added from Hexagon with each release. You can read the article here.

For those still on the fence about investing in PC-DMIS, we wanted to refresh and update our FREE Buyer’s Guide.

The new and improved guide includes:

  • An overview and introduction to PC-DMIS
  • The various versions available
  • Technical specifications and requirements needed to effectively run the software
  • What’s new from the very latest 2020 release and the best features from recent releases
  • Backwards compatibility
  • How to take advantage of PC-DMIS through Status

Download your FREE copy here.

Download PC-DMIS Buyer's Guide

PC-DMIS is the market leading CMM software, with over 80,000 registered users worldwide. Find out why you should be using it. Download