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Metrology Trends to Watch in 2022

2022 metrology trends

The exponential growth in the Metrology industry looks set to continue into 2022. This is because the demand for scientific measurement services has increased recently. Furthermore, many existing and emerging industries are desperate to capitalise on its unique blend of goods and services. In this article, we take a closer look at the top ten key metrology trends in 2022 to keep an eye on.

Growing Focus on Quality Control

Consumer-based industries constantly evolve to meet increasing customer expectations. With this comes a bourgeoning requirement for additional focus on precision, comfort, and safety—all elements that need rigorously checked through quality control systems. The Metrology industry provides expert equipment, measurement, and calibration solutions to facilitate this.

Renewable Materials are Fuelling Market Growth

Major environmental concerns around finite energy sources turn industry heads towards renewable materials. Companies in the automotive and aerospace industries are now committed to focusing on lightweight, sustainable components for production. Metrology offers testing and inspection platforms to enhance vehicle and aircraft performance alike.

Competitive Landscape Driving Innovation and Technological Development

Six key players dominate the metrology market, but a layer of ambitious companies jostles for position underneath. Fierce competition has inevitably been advantageous. A continuous atmosphere of innovation, technological advancement, and restless energy towards consumer satisfaction reigns supreme. These elements conspire to drive a steep growth trajectory.

Development of 3D Measurement Solutions

The production of newly-constructed 3D measurement tools and applications offer unparalleled services to acute manufacturing needs. Equipment such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s) revolutionises the 3D measuring space. Using pioneering technology, CMM’s efficiently measure the geometry of objects. Cloud-based software applications have also helped to consolidate influence.

Changes to Workspace Environments Creates new Opportunities

The global coronavirus pandemic has systemically altered how we engage with working environments. The desire for remote working solutions has enabled metrology’s innate ability to adapt and evolve to flourish. Platforms such as Hexagon’s SFX Asset Management or software services offering virtual measuring platforms, helping businesses protect productivity levels, regardless of circumstance. The threat of recent variant strains makes this a likely continuing metrology trend in 2022.

The Evolution of the Automotive Sector and its Increasing Need for New Services

The automotive industry, which will soon become the largest user of the metrology product portfolio, has recently experienced colossal change. The movement towards automotive facilities, and the booming investment in electric vehicles, catalyses new process and functionary requirements. Metrology’s trend in offering tailored services serve to fill this void. Adjusted inspection and measuring accommodate this changing demand.

Shifting Inspection and Quality Control Needs

Expectation levels are rising across industrial sectors, with additional scrutiny on product quality. Metrology’s suite of state-of-the-art equipment enables industries to meet these demands. In the automotive industry, optical measuring systems replace traditional means for composing vehicle dimensions, enhancing consumer safety and comfort standards.

Higher Levels of Component Precision

Metrology equipment also delivers product dimensional accuracy, tessellation, and efficiency to unprecedented levels. Every component part is filtered through a comprehensive streamlining system. This produces a flawless output, built up of elements individually manufactured with outstanding precision, but which also complement one another.

Growth in the Asia-Pacific Basin

Sure to be one of the inevitable metrology trends of 2022 is a further upsurge in activity in the Asia-Pacific. Thriving automotive and manufacturing industries continue to materialise at an astonishing rate. The perpetual creation of these new plants develops an urgent need for reliable measuring, testing and inspection solutions. Furthermore, Metrology equipment has diversified into power generation application markets, creating several substantial opportunities.

The role of Research & Development

We know that Metrology’s competitive marketplace fosters a culture of continuous improvement. However, this activity is also supplemented by governmental investment in research and development. Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese authorities have supported large-scale studies into new fields, a metrology trend set to continue into 2022.

The Metrology industry will undoubtedly sustain its explosive growth in 2022. This list of metrology trends is not exhaustive; more marketplace dynamics will likely catalyse further industry growth.

In truth, the overriding metrology trend in 2022 will be, quite simply, continued expansion.