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Maintain Aerospace Manufacturing Profitability

Maintain Aerospace Manufacturing Profitability

It’s no surprise that the aerospace manufacturing industry has been hit extremely hard due to COVID-19. What’s most important however is how the industry recovers from this. One of the key ways to do so is through metrology and maintaining profitability with reduced production rates.

Off the back of this, our strategic partners over at Hexagon are going to be hosting a completely FREE, 45-minute webinar session where their metrology experts will delve into the impact of COVID-19 on the aerospace industry and the best strategies for manufacturing companies to achieve ‘more with less’.

If you’re a quality or metrology user/manager or a production manager in the aerospace industry then you simply can’t miss this webinar!

A closer look at the topics being covered:

  • How COVID-19 is impacting the aerospace industry and bringing new manufacturing challenges.
  • Cost-efficient and pragmatic metrology solutions from 3D scanning to in-process measurement.
  • Digital thread case studies combining simulation, automation and non-contact inspection with advanced data analytics (wing ribs, spars, blades, casings inspection and predictive fuselage assembly).
  • Live survey and comments where you can get your specific questions answered.

The webinar will help you to avoid inspection bottlenecks, reduce scrapped parts and optimise your processes in the short term through smarter aero-structure, rib, spar, blade and casing inspection solutions and predictive fuselage assembly techniques.

It will be held on Thursday the 25th of June at 10 AM.

If you want to maintain your profitability during these challenging times then register now at: 

Take A Closer Look At Status

As metrology specialists for almost 40 years and exclusive technical service partners with Hexagon for over 20 years, Status can provide the industry’s best products, services and training available. Here are several additional ways we can help you cut costs and improve productivity:

CMM/PC-DMIS Training: Ensure your CMM operators are trained to the highest industry standards to minimise errors and improve efficiency. View our courses here. (Please note: strict social distancing rules are in place).

Retrofitting: Retrofitting can bring any existing, outdated CMM equipment you have in line with some of the latest showroom offerings, without the upheaval and major reinvestment of replacing equipment. Find out more.

PC-DMIS: PC-DMIS, the world’s leading CMM measurement software is packed with a whole range of incredible time and cost-saving features, including Path Optimizer. View the best features of the software you should be using here.

Not using PC-DMIS? Book a FREE, no-obligation demo here.

For further advice and questions on improving your metrology and inspection processes, speak to one of our specialists on 0115 939 2228 or email