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Kick Off Summer 2018 With The Winning Team

Kick Off Summer 2018 With The Winning Team

With all eyes now on Russia for the upcoming World Cup, we would like to introduce our own winning team of metrology professionals! We bring together a team of market-leading metrology hardware and software providers to deliver winning solutions for all types of business.

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Figure 1: A Winning Team! Status Metrology and our supply partners.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Swedish software and hardware manufacturer Hexagon have revolutionised the world of quality measurement. They produce a full range of CMM hardware, from Bridge CMMs to horizontal arm CMMs and small, portable CMMs. They also lead the field in scanning systems, calipers, gauges, measuring probes and other accessories – not to mention their excellent PC-DMIS metrology software suite. At Status Metrology we are accredited by Hexagon to supply and maintain their full catalogue of CMM equipment. We offer new and refurbished CMMs for sale with our own quality guarantee, and provide CMM retrofitting and upgrades for all models of Hexagon equipment.


The PC-DMIS series by Hexagon is the most advanced metrology software currently available. With regular updates, PC-DMIS CMM applies the latest control algorithms and simulation methods to bring complex, accurate measurements to any situation. The application is available with inbuilt CAD capacity and a non-CAD version. Special versions are available for portable CMMs and laser trackers. PC-DMIS can be retrofitted to most CMMs, including many non-Hexagon machines. See our free PC-DMIS Buyers Guide for more information.


Mahr are global leaders in portable and handheld CMM technology. We are privileged to stock the entire Mahr catalogue, including: height gauges, optical measuring units and table top CMMs. Mahr also produce specialist CMM units for niche components, such as gears and dial gauges, and for specific industries, such as the automotive and optic components sectors.

ROMER Absolute Arm

The ROMER is a versatile portable measurement arm from Hexagon. The great advantage of ROMER is its adaptability to any production line environment. It can be applied to any task, including reverse engineering, 3-D modelling, quality measurement and even virtual product assembly. It is lightweight, robust and very fast to set up; as its absolute encoders require no warm up. ROMER requires very little training for operators to acquire excellent competence. ROMER is a true ‘plug and play’ measurement machine, capable of immediate inspection wherever it is required.


Renishaw manufacture some of the world’s best CMM probes, gauging systems, fixtures and probe styli. Renishaw probing can be adapted to complex parts in any industry – for fast and accurate measurements.


Computer hardware giant Dell is a major player in CMM technology. Dell are respected for their high quality training courses, covering many cutting-edge trends in metrology.


Market leading, German software developer Q-DAS provide reliable statistical process control applications that allow accurate data analysis in quality inspection routines. Their products include software for qualifying and optimising different processes, as well as user interfaces, data recording and reporting tools. They also produce excellent 3-D CAD viewing applications compatible with Hexagon and Renishaw CMMs.

DEA (Digital Electronic Automation)

DEA is a market leader for automated tooling support systems for CMM units. Their motor driven machine tools are computer-controlled and carry out a range of functions, including copying and marking.

Swift-Fix Fixturing System

The Swift-Fix modular fixturing system is an innovative part holding solution from Hexagon. The straightforward baseplate – available in several sizes and dimensions – allows complex parts to be clamped securely in place in an uncluttered environment. Optional accessories are available to increase the holding flexibility of the system. These include height adjusters, thumb screws, clamps, spring plungers, stand-off pins, magnets, cones and tension posts.

UKAS Calibration

As a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, we are equipped to provide accurate measurements on many important metrics. Ensure precision, traceable measurements for: temperature, humidity, air pressure, optics, electrics, radiology, acoustics, density, magnetics, dimensions, force, hardness, mass, torque, volume and accelerometry. Our team provide contract measurement to help you through inspection bottlenecks and can calibrate all brands of CMM to improve throughput and accuracy.

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