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Infographic: Understanding the True Value of your CMM Service Provider

Understanding the True Value of your CMM Service Provider


CMM service is essential to ensuring the continued running of a machine and to maximise its lifespan. However, time and again, when out in the field, we see neglected CMM’s (through no fault of the customer) but their service provider.

Our CMM service team has recently collated some images of neglected CMM’s so we decided to put together this infographic, taking a closer look at how to understand the true value of your CMM service provider.

Let’s first look at what a sub-par CMM service looks like…

What exactly can service like this cause?

Failure to keep on top of CMM service like this will only come back to haunt you and likely result in the machine needing to be replaced. Even before this happens though, it will have an immediate impact on your inspection department, causing;

  • Inaccuracies
  • Repeatability Issues
  • Reduced Machine Lifetime
  • Impacted Reliability

The most frustrating thing is that it’s not the CMM service provider that will pay the price. It’s you. The knock on effect being – unhappy clients, poorer quality products and more – harming your business reputation, costing you contracts and directly impacting your profitability. However, it’s easily avoidable by choosing the right CMM service provider and not settling for anything less than the quality care and attention your machines deserve.

Take a closer look at your existing CMM service provider.

Attempting to save a few pounds on a CMM service call out is a huge false economy. It’s not really worth it. Spending a little bit more on a quality CMM service could end up saving you tens of thousands more in the future by eliminating the potential need for a completely new machine. Which is for one a significant investment and raising the capital expense for this in comparison to tweaking a costing line on a maintenance budget is astronomically difficult.

For over 25 years, Status has been dealing with Coordinate Measuring Machines. CMMs are made to last but only if you provide proper maintenance and calibration at regular intervals throughout their lifetime. With Status, quality comes as standard in everything we do. Every single one of our service engineers undergo extensive training through our partners at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

On top of our exceptionally high standards and wealth of experience in the industry, you’ll receive excellent customer support, including telephone consultations and a quick response in the event of a breakdown. We’ll always be on-call to solve your CMM-related problems.

Is it time YOU took a closer look? Get in touch with Status today by phone on 0115 939 2228, by email at or head to our website to find out more: