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Infographic: A Closer Look at ISO 10360 and CMM Performance Testing

iso 10360



First established in 1994, ISO 10360 is the standard for CMM accuracy testing and performance verification. Before going ahead with a CMM purchase having an understanding of this ISO standard is useful. We take a closer look in this infographic…

Buying A CMM Machine

When buying a CMM machine, it can be difficult for consumers to understand which machine is best suited to their specific needs. There are almost too many options out there! Performance test data is what is used to make this choice easier.

Performance Testing

Performance testing isn’t anything new. It’s widely used across every industry to help provide the insight and data needed for consumers to make a sound purchasing decision. Let’s first take buying a new car as an example. You might be interested in how much fuel the car consumes to the gallon or if it’s an EV, how many miles it can go between charges. Additionally, you may want to know the 0-60mph or even top speed. The same can be said for buying a CMM machine. Buyers are interested in the “performance” of the machines they’re comparing and to ensure the one they choose can be relied upon to deliver extremely accurate results to the tightest tolerances.

CMM performance testing

Machine manufacturers have been constantly investigating and improving on ways to test CMM accuracy since the first-ever Ferranti model was created.

For a good number of years, there was no standardised test for CMM’s, with different standards being used in different parts of the world. That is until ISO 10360 was introduced

ISO 10360

The first draft of ISO 10360 was published back in 1994 by the International Standards Organisation (a global collaboration between 165 testing bodies). The introduction of the new standard was designed to be a performance test that all CMM manufacturers could use so that consumers across the world would be able to make informed purchase decisions. ISO 10360, is still to this day the de facto CMM performance test used throughout the industry.

CMM Performance Specifications

Here are a few short explanations of the various specifications used in product documentation…

ISO 10360-2: 2009 Geometrical product specifications (GPS) – Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) — Part 2: CMMs used for measuring linear dimensions

ISO 10360-5: 2010 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) – Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) — Part 5: CMMs using multiple-stylus probing systems.

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