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Infographic: 6 of the Biggest Inspection Challenges and How To Avoid Them

cmm inspection challenges


Quality control inspection is a must for most manufacturing businesses, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always run smoothly. Challenges and complications can sometimes occur – causing delays, missed deadlines which often hurt your bottom line. We’ve put together this infographic that takes a closer look at 6 of the biggest inspection challenges you may face and how to avoid them.


One of the single most important aspects of quality control is time management. A more than adequate amount of time needs allocating to each inspection project or else delays and missed deadlines can result. Besides, many businesses don’t factor in inspection at all because of being too wrapped up in completing production quotas within budget and if it’s missed then the inspection time will run over – again leading to missed deadlines and potentially losing clients. To avoid this, always be sure to factor in time right from the start of a project and always consider potential unforeseen delays. Remember components typically require 24 hrs to ‘soak’ in the standards room before they can be measured. Overestimating is far better than underestimating.

Last-minute CoC requests

CoC requests or Certificate of Conformance requests verify that a product meets the requirements specified. Some customers will ask for these, and some may not. However, when asked for at the last-minute, additional delays and expenses incur. It’s always important to agree on customer requirements and expectations before commencing work.

Not Enough Capacity

Inspection capacity can run out frequently, with last-minute customer changes or requests and accounting for unforeseen delays, etc. When this happens, you likely must consider alternatives to in-house quality inspection. Here at Status, we provide subcontract measurement and inspection services to tight deadlines and the highest levels of accuracy to help you get through capacity challenges.

Lack of Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount with inspection. There’s often no margin for error. Inaccurate inspections will cause customers to lose faith in you and take their business elsewhere, directly impacting your bottom line. However, as with all the inspection challenges outlined in this infographic, you can avoid it. Regular CMM maintenance and calibration should be carried out, and upgrades also considered keeping your CMM running at peak efficiency.

New Software Implementation

Implementing new inspection software at the wrong times can cause all kinds of problems if it’s not thought out properly. First, transitioning to a new software option could cause losing existing measurement programs. Second, if your operators are untrained on the software then they will not get the best out of it, which could mean more delays and inaccuracy.

If new software installation is a must then Status would recommend the world’s leading CMM software, PC-DMIS. We’re able to provide full backwards compatibility for existing programs and also offer a range of PC-DMIS training courses from complete beginner to advanced.

Keeping Up With Technology

Failure to keep up with rapidly changing technology in the manufacturing industry can soon result in many inspection process issues – including reduced consistency and accuracy and programs taking longer to complete. The answer to this and to avoid this from happening is to invest in CMM upgrades or a complete retrofit. Status has provided both upgrades and CMM retrofits for many of our customer’s over the years, resulting in enormous amounts of money saved over buying a new machine and increased profits because of the capability to inspect components quicker and with greater accuracy. Not sure if your CMM is performing as optimal as it could? We’re offering a free, no-obligation, CMM audit –

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