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HP-OW Optical Sensors from Hexagon MI

Status has been a strategic partner of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence since 1999 – providing our customers with their world leading CMM software, PC-DMIS and bringing incredible cost savings to the sector through retrofits (made possible with Hexagon’s cutting-edge technology).

They continue to stay at the forefront of the metrology industry and their latest product is no different – HP-OW Optical Sensors.

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Hexagon’s new HP-OW Optical Sensors enable manufacturing businesses to facilitate non-contact CMM measurement which is perfect for fragile material inspection. This is achieved through flexible white-light scanning for multiple surface finishes – they use chromatic white-light spectroscopy to take precise measurements on different surface finishes. Based on the reflected light, up to 65 000 very precise measurement points can be taken per second. The sensors provide exceptional versatility thanks to a measurement range of several millimeters and a large acceptance angle of up to +/- 30 microns.


Flexibility: HP-OW Optical Sensors ensure the highest levels of CMM measurement flexibility when used with tactile sensors.

Adaptable: Hexagon has made it easy for manufacturers to adapt to new measurement ranges, working distances and additional metrology requirements by offering three variations of the Sensors.

Measure Challenging Materials: The challenge of measuring mirrored-finished, matte, transparent surfaces or even extremely fragile parts and components is easily overcome with HP-OW Sensors contactless measurement capabilities.

Significant Process Time Reduction: Hexagon’s HP-OW sensors run in spirals over the calibration sphere rather than capturing measurement points individually which significantly reduces process time.

Inspection Cycle Time Reductions: Combine the HP-OW Sensor with the HR-R sensor rack for automatic sensor changes to enjoy drastically reduced inspection cycle times.


Hexagon’s HP-OW Sensors are currently available in 3 variations and are designed to fit the majority of Hexagon CMM machines, including the GLOBAL S and OPTIV machines. The sensors are also compatible with optical probe heads, the SENMATION universal sensor interface, the HR-R sensor rack and of course, the world leading CMM software solution, PC-DMIS.

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