How To Manipulate And Save Screen Layouts

How To Save The Window Layout

toolbars  dropdown menu.png

In the main menu tab select the “view” tab and go down to “Toolbars”, this will open up a drop down menu with numerous toolbars available to add to the top ribbon. These are the toolbars that we use the most and think are most useful.
Once you select one of these toolbars it will create a toolbar in the top ribbon for easy access, from there you can manipulate the toolbars by dragging them round to where you want to place them, to drag them click and hold the left mouse button over the 4 vertical grey dots in the left of the toolbars and drag them to where you want them.

save window layout.png

Once you have arranged your toolbars to how you want them select the “Save window layout” icon from the “Window layout” toolbar. Once selected this icon will give you the opportunity to save the current window layout, this means that whenever you open up PC-DMIS the current view will remain the same.

You can name the window layout whatever you would like, you can save multiple window layouts. To test the new layout, try moving some toolbars and then click on the new icon to see the layout change back to the saved profile.

Note: If you need to delete an icon, hold down Shift then drag the icon into the graphics display window using the left mouse button.

Note: Saving the window layout also saves the settings in the report layout.

Also you may notice that from the list on the previous page there is “Status” option that won’t be on your systems. This is because this is a custom toolbar that has been customized to group some icons together that aren’t originally.

customize option.png

To do this select the “Customize” option, and then select the “Toolbars” options which then open up a box with multiple customizable options. Select on the “new” option and then “Toolbar”. This will then give you the option to name it.

add items to toolbar.png

Our toolbar is called “Status” and to add icons to the toolbar select menu items and find the icons that you would like. To add them across select the icon and then click “Add –>”

These are the icons that we regularly use. Once you have selected all your icons select apply to save the changes.

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