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How to Increase Manufacturing Productivity

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on most industries and manufacturing businesses have been hit particularly hard, largely because most of the jobs cannot be carried out remotely. As we begin to see the light at the tunnel and return to the new normal, manufacturing facilities are now back in full swing. However, due to the disruption, there are many facing a significant amount of debt or just scraping by. It will likely take years for the sector to fully recover from the impact of the pandemic but there are certain things that you and other manufacturers can do to increase productivity and profitability thanks to cutting-edge metrology technology.

Let’s take a closer look…

CMM Software

pc dmis demo

If your manufacturing facility currently uses a CMM then there are several areas to explore that could help you reduce costs, save time and boost your bottom line. First of all, is the software your CMM uses. There are several key software options on the market but at the very top is PC-DMIS.

PC-DMIS is the world’s leading CMM software solution created by our strategic partners, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Status can equip your CMM with PC-DMIS quickly so that you can start reaping the benefits, including:

  • Greater control over measurements.
  • Improved productivity.
  • More parts measured quicker, resulting in projects turned around faster and an increase in profits.
  • Regular updates.
  • Incredible features and tools that are unique to PC-DMIS. This includes “Path Optimiser” – a feature that automatically optimises your measurement programmes by mapping out the most efficient route for inspection. This results in huge time reductions in measurement programme times – enabling users to manufacture and inspect more parts in a given time frame that in turn boosts revenue and drives company growth. Check out some of the very best PC-DMIS features here.

You may be asking, “What about my existing programs?”

We utilise a one of a kind interface that enables you to migrate existing programs from most software solutions over to PC-DMIS gradually while still having access to the old files.

Want to learn more about PC-DMIS? Claim your FREE, no-obligation demo here:

CMM Upgrades

You may not realise it yet but if your CMM is a few years old then there’s a chance that it’s under-performing. Investing in CMM upgrades can greatly improve upon this. Controllers, software and probing continue to develop at a frightening pace and each of these areas can be upgraded to bring most CMM’s inline with the latest showroom offerings. We’ve already discussed the software above so won’t go into that again. As for the controllers, again, thanks to our partnership with Hexagon, we can replace your old controller with a Hexagon RC Line controller. They’re designed to work with all CMM makes and models and will help push your machine beyond its original spec! When it comes to the probe, you could choose to replace the entire setup or opt for a specific module and tip such as the Renishaw SP25 – providing improved speed, higher data capture and greater repeatability.

Portable Measurement and Inspection

portable cmm

If a little accuracy can be sacrificed then it might be worth investing in a portable CMM solution such as a Romer Arm. Portable machines enable you to measure and inspect parts directly within the manufacturing environment – offering increased versatility and flexibility. As well as this, parts and components don’t have to be removed from the manufacturing environment so the entire process is quicker – boosting productivity and cutting costs.


Status Metrology PC-DMIS training course attendees

Operators with higher skills and increased knowledge will be able to carry out their tasks quicker and more efficiently. CMM training isn’t just for beginners and even experienced CMM operators will likely benefit from a training course due to the constant advancements in technology within the industry.

Smarter Manufacturing

smarter manufacturing

Before the pandemic hit, many manufacturing businesses were continuing to adopt and leverage smarter manufacturing solutions. If smarter manufacturing and Industry 4.0 is something your manufacturing facility hasn’t fully explored or started to adopt then you’re missing out. Investing in advanced manufacturing technologies that incorporate autonomy and connectivity will help transform your manufacturing operations further – boosting production speed, efficiency, service and more.

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