How Much Does CMM Calibration Cost?

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Keeping your CMM machine calibrated is vital to ensuring that your quality control process works the way it should. The tolerances that CMM machines are able to measure are exacting, but the data will only be useful if the CMM machine is properly calibrated. At Status Metrology we specialise in the sale, service and calibration of CMM machinery, and maintain ISO and UKAS certifications. There are a number of problems that can develop with a CMM machine, and there are 21 variables that can be out of alignment. The machine itself can develop problems that won’t be obvious without an inspection by an experienced technician. An operator may not be able to properly diagnose the source of the inaccuracies, and this can lead to a frustrating situation.

We are in a good position to share our expertise with companies that need expert knowledge. We would like to help you understand why assessing CMM calibration costs isn’t a straightforward process and what factors come into play. At Status Metrology we know how to get CMM calibration done correctly. Here are a few of the things that will affect the cost of CMM calibration, and may be relevant to your QC procedures.

Your Preferences 

The level of accuracy that you need your CMM machine to achieve will play a big role in how often you get it calibrated. For some businesses a small margin of error is acceptable, while for others it isn’t. The difference between the tests needed for different levels of accuracy will make the price you pay for calibration change. In addition to this, the environment that the CMM machine is being used in will affect the calibration process.

If you are operating your CMM machine in an environment that isn’t free from vibration or temperature swings, there is a good chance that it will need to be calibrated with greater frequency. It is also likely that the measurements that it will be capable of won’t be as accurate. In many situations, environmental concerns will prevent the level of consistency that is required for fine tolerance measurements, no matter how well the CMM machine is calibrated.

Type Of CMM Machine 

With the advent of CMM software that can compensate for deviations, the nature of calibration has changed. Because the known errors of a CMM machine can be fed into the software, the need for constant calibration no longer exists. The assumption being made is that the machine will stay in a constant state of error, and not shift while in operation. Ultimately, physical inspection and manual calibration offer you a higher level of confidence, and will allow you to make sure your CMM machine is producing sound measurement data. 

Hours Or Days  

In the absence of a known problem, CMM machine calibration is recommended as a function of either hours of use, or calendar days. If you are using your CMM equipment frequently, the need for calibration will increase, and clearly your company will spend more on calibration. If you have any questions about how often we would recommend you get your CMM machine calibrated, we are happy to consult with you. Every manufacturer’s needs will be different, and finding a cost-effective solution won’t be difficult for us. 

CMM Maintenance Made Easy

Regardless of your calibration needs, Status Metrology can help you to get your CMM machines into the best possible condition. We have a team of highly qualified CMM engineers on staff, and service clients all over the UK.

For more information about CMM calibration, please refer to our new CMM Maintenance Guide. This short, practical e-book is available for free and can be downloaded by clicking here.

In addition to CMM machine calibration services, we also sell and lease CMM machines. We can help you with just about any facet of your CMM inspection needs, so give us a call on 0115 939 2228 for more information. Our website has lots more information about who we are, and you can contact us by email here.

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