How Can CMM Measuring & Inspection Services Stop The Bottlenecks In My Inspection Department?


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Engineering firms are competing in a market that forces them to run as efficiently as possible. In many cases this situation can turn into a struggle to complete orders while maintaining quality and delivering on time. CMM measuring can be a source of bottlenecks in the production process, with big orders creating stress and making the whole line grind to a halt.

Status Metrology can help your firm to adapt to an ever changing economic environment, and give you the ability to keep your operation running smoothly. By bringing us in to do your CMM inspections, you will be able to use your staff to their full potential. Before you start instituting mandatory overtime, have a look at the benefits we can offer your company.

Rapid Implementation

When you call us in to handle your CMM inspections, we will be able to start work quickly. This is like adding a custom inspection department to your company overnight. If you are dealing with staff shortages, or people who are starting to get sick under pressure, we can offer your company a turn-key solution that works. Instead of trying to hire new employees, or haphazardly expanding your inspection department in the middle of a rush, call us.

We have been doing CMM inspections for engineering firms since the 80’s, so we know how to hit the ground running. Trying to bring in new staff is a gamble, and the cost of expanding your stock of CMM machines is extremely high. No matter how you look at it, Status Metrology offers you a solution to your production headaches that will get your operation back to where it should be.

Qualified Operators

Our staff are comprised of well-trained CMM inspection machine operators with years of experience. When you outsource your CMM inspections to Status Metrology you can be sure that all of the inspections we do will be up to the highest standards in the marketplace. We hold both ISO and UKAS certifications, and that means we take attention to detail very seriously.

Many times during a rush an engineering firm will push their staff past the point where they can function at their best level. In these situations, it is inevitable that mistakes will occur. The stresses of the job can make a normally effective employee falter, or even take sick leave. When you outsource your CMM inspection process none of these problems will affect your team, so they can concentrate on what they do best.

Creates Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages that a small engineering firm can offer is the flexibility to accommodate a range of projects. This advantage comes at a price, and when a big order shows up there can be problems with not having enough hands and equipment to do all the work that needs to get done. The constant temptation is to expand infrastructure and staff, but this is not a wise idea for most businesses.

It is far more effective to take advantage of a firm like Status that can take care of all your CMM inspection requirements, and is happy to work with you to accommodate the obligations you have committed to. You will see how we can add value to your team, and ensure that no one has to stress out about overtime or working weekends. We are happy to consult with you when you are putting together production plans. In fact this is your best course of action. It gives us the chance to make your job as cost-effective as possible at our end, and begin CMM inspection as soon as possible.

The Right Stuff

The two reasons that bottlenecks occur in your inspection department are a lack of either CMM machines or qualified operators. We have both of them, and we want to work with your company to create value for everyone involved. By cementing a relationship with us, your company will have a partner that can eliminate any bottlenecks that can occur in CMM inspections.

We are glad to talk to you about where we may fit into your business, no matter which stage of production you are in. If you are currently in the middle of dealing with a bottleneck, give us a call on 0115 939 2228, or contact us online. We have everything you need to make your CMM inspection process happen, and we have more than 20 years of experience doing CMM measuring of all kinds.

Find out more about our outsourced CMM inspection service in our guide How to Avoid Inspection Bottlenecks. Download your copy for free by clicking here.