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Ensure Maximum Precision By Using A Digital Micrometer!

Ensure Maximum Precision By Using A Digital Micrometer!

Maximum precision is the golden standard businesses strive for. Digital micrometers are created to provide the most precise information on the size of the smallest objects or the distance within something.

Even though some engineers believe that analogue micrometers are more precise than their digital counterparts, the ease of use and availability of the results make digital units the preferred tool for precise measurements.

How A Digital Micrometer Ensures Maximum Precision

Below we list a few ways why digital micrometers can ensure maximum precision:

LCD Screen With Final Results

The key to any measurement is its accuracy. However, no matter how precise the tool is, there is always room for human error. A digital micrometer keeps this to a minimum by displaying the information on an easy-to-read LCD screen.

While Vernier and dial micrometers need the operator to combine information from two different scales in order to come up with a result, the LCD display of an electronic micrometer provides instantaneous output.

More Precision Capabilities

A digital micrometer can show precise measurements on a small scale. The most accurate models can measure the distance to 0.001 mm. Such precision when measuring the small objects ensures the accuracy of the entire project.

For comparison, a Vernier micrometer has a hard time achieving a measurement of +/-0.017 mm.

Convenient Zeroing

Digital micrometers can be zeroed at any point without recalibration. The operator can automatically calculate the difference between measurements using the zero function. This ensures precision by eliminating the need of working with a calculator or finding the difference mentally, which is another gateway to human error.

Instantaneous Conversion

Digital micrometer sets can make measurements in millimetres or inches. This takes the conversion process out of the equation, speeding up the inspection.

Impressive Versatility

Digital micrometers can make four types of measurements:

  • Outside
  • Inside
  • Depth
  • Step

This means you don’t have to invest in new instruments for different projects.

Other Reasons To Use A Digital Micrometer

Besides ensuring impressive measuring accuracy, there are many other reasons why users may want to take advantage of a digital micrometer as opposed to Vernier and dial units.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of a high-quality electronic micrometer doesn’t substantially differ from other types of similar units. Depending on the model, you may find a high-quality digital micrometer at an adequate price.

Even though these micrometers are battery-operated, the battery life is long. Most of the time, a single battery can last for several years.

Data Output

Many modern digital micrometers can be connected to a computer for further data processing. The measurements are instantly stored, eliminating the human error factor during the recording process.

Mahr Digital Micrometers From Status Metrology

Digital micrometers ensure maximum precision for a variety of measuring projects. They make measurements faster, easier and more accurate. Even though these delicate tools aren’t water resistant and can’t work in hot weather, they are still the choice of most companies which require high precision measurements.

When it comes to manufacturing digital micrometers, Mahr is a true world leader. For more information about electronic micrometers and other metrology products, please download your free Mahr Products & Services Guide.