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Discover the path to super fast measurement and inspections which could save your business a fortune.

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The aerospace industry is highly regulated and for good reason. Components have to be manufactured within precise tolerance ranges and because of that there’s absolutely no margin for error.

Sophisticated component measurement and inspection is essential for businesses throughout the entire aerospace supply chain and if you work in the industry you will know that Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s) play a vital part in maintaining the high levels of quality and compliance needed to meet regulatory requirements.

However, not all manufacturers fully understand the impact that the right CMM software can have on the effectiveness of these machines.

The market-leading CMM software solution

Standard equipment on Status’ partner company Hexagon MI’s entire CMM range, PC-DMIS is the recognised market-leading CMM software with over 80,000 users currently registered across the globe. Its popularity is no accident – PC-DMIS is incredibly easy to set up and use, is feature rich, very well supported and highly expandable. The Pro edition can even be used without CAD. The aerospace industry relies on this revolutionary piece of software to accurately measure everything from simple prismatic parts to the most complex components, and everything in between.

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The ‘hidden’ game-changing feature

As experts in the delivery, training and support of PC-DMIS, Status goes beyond merely supplying the software, instead the team help customers understand how PC-DMIS can be optimally configured to deliver tangible commercial results. It’s at this point that one feature in particular almost always raises eyebrows as the efficiency and cost-saving implications sink in. It’s called ‘Path Optimizer’

What is Path Optimizer?

“As the name implies, Path Optimizer maps out the most efficient possible inspection path for the CMM’s probe head to follow,” explained Richard Newhouse, Sales & Marketing Director at Status. “Unique to PC-DMIS, Path Optimizer is able to simplify and optimise even the most complex component inspections. Commercially, this simple yet powerful tool alone is delivering huge programme time reductions for our aerospace customers, giving them the ability to manufacture and inspect more parts resulting in additional revenue and bottom-line profit.”

Time to get your CMM software onto a more profitable path

Your CMM solution will not be delivering optimum results for your business if you are not using the right software – in the right way.

Get in touch today to find out more about PC-DMIS including the latest 2019 R1 release, and discover Path Optimizer and some of the other amazing features your business could be benefiting from. Either fill in the enquiry form here, call us on 0115 939 2228, or email

*PC-DMIS is available as a retrofit package for most CMM manufacturer brands.

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