Digital Universal Callipers – Everything You Need To Know

Digital Universal Callipers - Everything You Need To Know

A digital universal calliper is an irreplaceable tool for any project which requires precise measurements. This unit doesn’t just ensure maximum precision, it eliminates the need for other measuring tools since it can deal with a variety of objects. Taking advantage of a universal digital micrometer can help any technician achieve the most accurate results in the shortest amount of time.

What Can A Digital Universal Calliper Measure?

  • Outside dimensions
  • Inside dimensions
  • Centring shoulders
  • External tapers
  • Internal tapers
  • Dovetails
  • Grooves (flat, narrow)
  • Distance between centres of holes
  • Distance from edge to hole centre
  • Tube thickness
  • Hole diameter

Each universal digital micrometer comes with its own range and the permissible error indication. The more precise the unit is, the higher the price. Depending on the project you are working on, you can choose a universal calliper to suit your needs.

Universal digital callipers are battery operated. The average battery life is about 3 years.

How Can The Universal Calliper Share Data?

Universal digital micrometers connect to a computer via USB or wireless. The metrology data is automatically transferred to data sheets for further processing.

The integrated wireless transmitter has revolutionised the data transfer process for universal callipers. Unlike cables, wireless transmission offers a better range, eliminates the risk of cable problems (breaks, kinks, embrittlement), and improves freedom of movement. Wireless digital callipers are quickly becoming the tool of choice for many companies.

Benefits of Universal Digital Callipers

While the investment in a new or refurbished universal digital micrometer may seem formidable, the numerous advantages of such a device are hard to overlook.

  • Each universal calliper can be equipped with spare parts to execute specific tasks, e.g. interchangeable measuring arms, contact blocks and stop elements.
  • Universal micrometers are easy to handle. This reduces the time spent mastering the operation and doesn’t leave too much room for human error.
  • Digital universal callipers are cost efficient since they can handle a variety of measuring tasks, which otherwise would need further equipment investments.
  • Universal calliper sets include a variety of useful accessories allowing the micrometer to make as many different measurements as possible.
  • Calliper kits come in convenient boxes with instructions, making it easy to handle, operate, store, and transport these units.
  • Depending on the calliper model, it can come with extra functions which make the measurements more efficient and accurate.
  • Universal digital callipers allow the technician to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about recording the results and ensuring smooth operation of the device.

Why Buy A Mahr Universal Digital Calliper?

Digital universal callipers are designed for projects that require a variety of measurements. The inspection process is simplified by using one unit to perform a number of tasks. Depending on the project you are working on, you can choose a universal calliper with a maximum or minimum number of functions.

Since universal digital callipers are more expensive than digital micrometers, which serve fewer functions, it’s important to take your budget into consideration.

Universal digital callipers are similar to Swiss Army knives. The adjustable tool makes it easy to do precise measurements in all kinds of situations.

Mahr is a world-leading manufacturer of metrology equipment, including digital universal callipers. The company specialises in producing wireless micrometers for various applications. Please contact us for more information.

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